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Advice viagra Only 23 days until pitchers and catchers

Advice viagra

Advice viagra So the Oakland A’s have made a competitive offer to Ben Sheets and want and answer not later than tomorrow. Advice viagra Okay, advice viagra what is a competitive offer and how many competitors are in this race? From all the innuendo we’ve heard on Sheets, advice viagra the Mets, advice viagra A’s and Texas Rangers are in the loop. Advice viagra Rumor is Sheets’ management is looking for an $8 mil base plus incentives for this year and an option for 2011. Advice viagra Now as much as I would love to have Ben Sheets on the Mets, advice viagra but $8mil for a pitcher who could be a either a stud or a cripple is a tough decision to make. Advice viagra But then again the Mets did give Alex Cora $2mil bucks to be a leader on the bench.

Advice viagra I can not see any way that the A’s would give Sheets $8 mil even the Rangers, advice viagra as they go through a transition of ownership, advice viagra would have a hard time paying that kind of coin.

Advice viagra If I’m the Mets I call Sheets’ agent and offer $6mil guarantee with incentives that could go to $10mil if reached (post season starts include in that) and a mutual option for 2011. Advice viagra Then take the other $2 mil and give that to John Smoltz.

Advice viagra If they can do that, advice viagra not only solidifies the pitching staff but I’ll get off managements back for a while and maybe even praise them for a job well done.

Advice viagra So far the Mets Mini-Camp has proved that OP is great shape and that Johan Santana will again try to help Ollie as much as he can both with his pitching and with his psyche. Advice viagra Jon Niese took the mound for the first time since he ripped his hammy and felt pretty good. Advice viagra Daniel Murphy is a camp and is doing what most fans wish all the players would do, advice viagra work hard and try to get better but he still catches hell. Advice viagra Wait until he gets traded and becomes a solid ML’er, advice viagra I will be insufferable or more insufferable than I already am, advice viagra if that’s possible. 

Advice viagra Kevin Kernan seconds my position that the injury excuse from last year was a smoke screen to how badly last years team executed all facets of the game.   Time for Jerry Manuel to Man Up this spring and prove that he can manage and teach and to prove that he is just not waiting to get canned so he can go back to Sacramento and collect a check sitting on his porch.

Advice viagra I still baffles me how the Skill Sets don’t get upset or try to change the perception of their organization after time and time again being told they run one of the worst organizations in baseball. Advice viagra At some point you need to show some spine and fight back. Advice viagra Everyone from media to fans to bloggers keep kicking the organization in the ass waiting for them to fight back. Advice viagra It’s at the point now where I feel like a bully for calling out the Skill Sets as often as I do, advice viagra they just take all these kicks in the ass and ask for more. Advice viagra It’s more sad than strange. Advice viagra Com’on Jeffey show some fucking fight will ya!!!!!!

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