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Cheap less viagra 22 days until pitchers and catchers

Cheap less viagra As a Mets fan, cheap less viagra I’m starting to feel like a weary traveler standing at the airport luggage carrousel waiting for my bags, cheap less viagra and my bags have gotten lost.

Cheap less viagra Pitchers have gone around the free agent carrousel and the Mets just stand there waiting and waiting and waiting to the point where they are the lone team standing around with nothing to show.

Cheap less viagra Ben Sheets for $10 mil is a very steep price to pay but give the A’s and Billy Beane credit for taking a chance with Sheets. Cheap less viagra Beane is taking a shot that of the three things that can happen with Sheets, cheap less viagra if  two of the scenarios work in the A’s favor, cheap less viagra Beane and the A’s come out a winner. Cheap less viagra  He can stay healthy and become the Ace of a very young and potentially strong starting rotation and the A’s can be big time contenders in the NL West, cheap less viagra or he can stay healthy and the rest of the team not play up to expectation and fall out the race where by Beane can flip Sheets for a couple of top prospects, cheap less viagra or the worst case scenario, cheap less viagra Sheets breaks down like a ’76 Pinto and the A’s are stuck with an expensive invalid.

Cheap less viagra But then again, cheap less viagra Beane and the A’s management are competent and have watched Sheets throw and checked his medical reports and have given him a full medical by doctors who have cleared Sheets good to go, cheap less viagra so with the odds in his favor Beane decides to spend Lew Wolf’s money and go for a post season berth.

Cheap less viagra Jeffey Skill Sets on the other hand, cheap less viagra will take the money saved on buying much cheaper baseball labor to build an extension of his Hamptons mansion.

Cheap less viagra At some point one of our fine beat reporters in this town should really try to get through the Wall of Horowitz and get a sit down interview with Jeffey Skill Sets to get answers on how he feels that the baseball team he runs is the laughingstock of the industry.  The Mets have gone from an organization where every player agent made sure that the Mets were involved with their client during free agency to an organization that has become Plan Z (welcome Jason Bay) The Mets wanted John Lackey but John Lackey wanted no part of the Mets. Cheap less viagra  A pitcher coming from the American League refused to even talk to a team in the NL, cheap less viagra that plays in a pitchers ball park, cheap less viagra in the greatest city in the world, cheap less viagra for a team with a big income. Cheap less viagra Stunning.

Cheap less viagra Jason Marquis begged the Mets to sign him but the Mets treated him like he had cooties. Cheap less viagra Bengi Molina? He’s a Met the MSM told us, cheap less viagra it’s just a matter of finding a pen with ink in it. Cheap less viagra Molina is back with the Giants.  Randy Wolf? Never called Flushing.  “Mr. Cheap less viagra Minaya, cheap less viagra Joel Piniero on line 1” WHO? Responds Omar. Cheap less viagra Jon Garland? No! Chone Figgins? No! Orlando Hudson? No! Aroldis Chapman? No! If he were 45 years old then YES! Russell Branyan? No! and on and on and on…………………………

Cheap less viagra This perception of the Mets is not a figment of Mets fans imaginations, cheap less viagra it’s real, cheap less viagra the baseball world shakes its head and says “How the fuck?” We can rant all day and night about Omar Minaya and Fire Omar, cheap less viagra and Omar this and Omar that. Cheap less viagra Get over your Omar hate, cheap less viagra this is beyond Omar. Cheap less viagra Omar Minaya is a bit player in the Mets moves these days. Cheap less viagra  If Omar were the baseball boss, cheap less viagra Molina and Piniero would be Mets and Carlos Delgado would have a 5 year deal. Cheap less viagra But nothing gets done until Jeffey Poo says it’s done. Cheap less viagra That’s why we’re fucked.

Cheap less viagra I give Johan Santana a ton of credit not just for showing up at the mini camp but for coming on WFAN with Joe Bada Bing and Tinkerbell and being positive and optimistic about this team. Cheap less viagra The right man in charge could play this “the whole world thinks you guys suck” as a rallying cry but the guy that would play that angle perfectly has to prove himself on Coney Island this summer, cheap less viagra while Cool Breeze Jerry works on his lounge act in Flushing.

Cheap less viagra I swear to Henry Chadwick that I hope I’m wrong that Wright and Reyes explode with career years and Daniel Murphy hits like I believe he can and that Bay and Frenchy  prove to be “corner-stones”, cheap less viagra and Beltran comes back like a track star that hits 30 HR’s  and Big Pelf pounds that strikezone like a blacksmith and this team is not just competitive but contends for the NL East crown.

Cheap less viagra As negative as I’ve been all winter and I’m sure other Mets fans will say the same thing, cheap less viagra none of us wants to go through another summer like last year.  As I look down the line on the big decision makers though in this organization though, cheap less viagra it is very hard to get enthused. Cheap less viagra  Jeffey is clueless and Omar is ball-less, cheap less viagra and the manager couldn’t care less.

Cheap less viagra All I have is my ace pitcher preaching to me like Bob Marley, cheap less viagra I hope he’s right. Cheap less viagra It’s hard to find Three Little Birds when it’s so damn cold outside

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