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Buy cialis canada   21 days until pitchers and catchers

Buy cialis canada It looks like Fernando Tatis is retuning for a third season with the Mets. Buy cialis canada Please hold your applause until the end, buy cialis canada thank you. Buy cialis canada If you look at the offensive numbers on Tatis’ Baseball-Reference page you might be inclined to say this is a good deal for the Mets.  I’ll go as far as say I’m happier with Tatis coming back just for the fact that it means that Carlos Delgado’ career as a Met is done.  Last night on Twitter I was angry about the Tatis return but by this morning I’m more, buy cialis canada “eh, buy cialis canada whatever”. Buy cialis canada I’m tired of ranting about the off season and the mish-mosh ways of the organization, buy cialis canada that has both the fan base and media baffled, buy cialis canada I guess it’s time we just let it play out, buy cialis canada we’ll have all summer to scream and yell.   

Buy cialis canada Look at this from John Smoltz point of view, buy cialis canada what was good for Pedro Martinez could be good for him as well. Buy cialis canada Why sign with a team this early when you can workout on your own, buy cialis canada play golf, buy cialis canada even do some TV if you like and then wait to see the pitching landscape during the season and make the best deal you can.

Buy cialis canada As much as I can’t stand the way ownership and the front office fuck up and the on field personnel play like amateurs, buy cialis canada there is no way I could ever, buy cialis canada ever root against the Mets. Buy cialis canada I don’t care if a loss meant that the Jeffey, buy cialis canada Omar, buy cialis canada and J-Man all get the boot, buy cialis canada I would never and have never rooted against the Mets. Buy cialis canada If I didn’t root for the Cincinnati Reds when Tom Seaver was traded and pitched against the Mets, buy cialis canada I’m sure as hell not going to root against them now. Buy cialis canada Root against the Mets? Never in a million fucking years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buy cialis canada I don’t understand J-Man saying that Fernando Nieve is the front runner for the 5th spot in the pitching rotation? Not to get to worked up over the 5th spot (when spots 2-4 are not exactly the Rocks of Gibraltar) but where does Jon Niese or Nelly Figs fit with this team? How about Bradley Holt or Dillon Gee? Why is J-Man so against competition? Why am I full of questions?

Buy cialis canada No matter what happens this season, buy cialis canada I’m rooting hard for my boy Daniel Murphy to put up big time numbers. Buy cialis canada No one on this team works as hard as Murphy and I just hope his hard work pays off and he just hangs in there until Wally Backman gets the job with the big club. Buy cialis canada Am I a Daniel Murphy fanboy? Yes. Buy cialis canada He is everything we Mets fans want in a player. Buy cialis canada Shows up for mini-camp when he’s not required to (Jose? Jose Reyes? Are you here? Come out, buy cialis canada come out , buy cialis canadawherever you are!) will be the first guy at St Lonesome waiting for the gates to open for spring training (it will be neck and neck with him and D-Wright) and is working hard to improve at the fourth positions the Mets have assigned him to. Buy cialis canada How can you as a Mets fan not root for this kid?    

Buy cialis canada No Pro Baseball Central tonight but I will be on the with Kenrick Thomas and his Real Sports Talk Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio tonight at 10PM ET.

Buy cialis canada There is a group NYRNation that is planning a FIRE GLEN SATHER rally outside of Madison Square Garden on Sunday March 7th  at 5PM before the Rangers-Sabres game. Buy cialis canada It is getting very ugly at MSG as the Rangers find themselves in the middle of 10 teams look at the 7 and 8 spot in the NHL playoffs. Buy cialis canada In fact the Rangers are a mirror of the Mets. Buy cialis canada Underachivers, buy cialis canada Bad Management, buy cialis canada Clueless Owner!

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