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Female viagra uk 19 days until pitchers and catchers

Female viagra uk I have been invited to attend  a presentation of Bloomberg Sports new baseball statistic and analytic tool that will be offered to fans and a more intense version to all 30 MLB teams. Female viagra uk  I hope to be giving some updates at this event through TWITTER so check out my Twitter account during the day tomorrow if you’re interested and if you’re a fantasy baseball player this is looks like a product that will interest you very much. Female viagra uk  Check out this article by Paul Greco of Baseball Digest Daily who got a look at the product at the winter meetings this past December.

Female viagra uk Mario Lemieux has made an offer to buy the Pittsburgh Pirates. Could Mark Messier make an offer to buy the Mets (PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!)

Female viagra uk Over at Bugs & Cranks they want  to help find out if you have a “baseball problem” so they have seven events that you could watch instead of  watching  a Cincinnati Reds-Florida Marlins game at Golden Girls Stadium. Female viagra uk Of the 7 questions, female viagra uk I answered Reds-Marlins to 5 of them. Female viagra uk The only two events I chose over the baseball game were watching UConn- Tennessee  women’s basketball game (Gino Auriemma and Pat Summit are two of the greatest coaches in sports history) and Fulham @ Aston Vila in the EPL.  So I guess I have a serious baseball problem.

Female viagra uk I’m getting a little worried about my Boston Celtics. Female viagra uk KG is not close to his top condition, female viagra uk Rasheed Wallace has no conscience at the 3 point line, female viagra uk and the corrupt NBA refs are all betting against the C’s in every game. Female viagra uk At least no one has pull a piece in the clubhouse yet. Female viagra uk Tomorrow is a big game as the Lakers ship off to Boston, female viagra uk if there are three NBA refs not on the take I hope the league assigns them to this game.

Female viagra uk Hey Johnny Damon, female viagra uk shut the fuck up! You want to blame someone for the reason you’re not employed by the Bronx Bastards any longer? Look in the mirror caveman.

Female viagra uk I don’t hide the fact that I’m a Daniel Murphy fan and I take a lot of shit for that. Female viagra uk But it’s nothing compared to the abused I took for my support of Gregg Jeffries. Female viagra uk  It wasn’t until I met Jefferies that I realized what an asshole he was. Female viagra uk I’ve told the story before where John Franco brought Jeffries to a club in Brooklyn one night where my friends and I were at as well and Jeffries tried to pick up every girl in the place not caring who they were with. Female viagra uk Not the wisest move to make at a club in Bay Ridge. Female viagra uk  It’s good to see an older and wiser Jeffries as I read in this piece by Kevin Kernan in the Post. Female viagra uk Best thing that ever happened to Jeffries was leaving the Mets.

Female viagra uk We’ve always paid our gas bill to the Brooklyn Union Gas Co., female viagra uk in fact my dad’s first job in NYC was laying down gas pipe for the Brooklyn Union Gas Co. Female viagra uk out in the wilds of Canarsie in the early 30’s. Female viagra uk Then one day the gas bill came in with the name Keyspan on it, female viagra uk no more Brooklyn Union but Keyspan was the name of the new ball park in Coney Island so I was cool with Keyspan. Female viagra uk Then one day the mailman delivered a bill from National Gird. Female viagra uk What the hell is National Grid? National Grid is what Keyspan and Brooklyn Union were but now since there is no more Keyspan and I guess the folks at National Gird are not baseball fans, female viagra uk the name has to come off the ballpark in Coney Island and a new name is needed.

Female viagra uk The Mets who own the stadium could do the right thing and name it after Gil Hodges or even rename it Shea Stadium but I doubt they will.

Female viagra uk On Twitter yesterday I mention how a good ball park name would be Egg Cream Stadium or get Fox’s U-Bet Syrupto buy naming rights. Female viagra uk In fact, female viagra uk why don’t’ the Cyclones (forget the Mets doing this as they can’t even put a deli in $iti Field where I can get a good pastrami or brisket sandwich and a Dr. Female viagra uk Browns soda. Female viagra uk I think a lot of my Mets anger would go away with a good brisket and a Dr. Female viagra uk Browns Cream Soda at $iti Field) put in an Egg Cream Bar at the Coney Island ballpark?

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