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How does viagra work I have a quick question for the class. How does viagra work Last night Colts DL Dwight Freeney played with ligament damage in his ankle. How does viagra work All week the pundits and gamblers were so concerned about the status of Freeny as he is the Colts top pass rusher and one of the best D-Linemen in the game.

How does viagra work Now Freeney claims he rehabbed this injury all week and had it wrapped up tight to start the game. How does viagra work I’m sure it took more than a “tape job” to get him fit to fight in Super Bowl XLIV.

How does viagra work Why hasn’t any one in the MSM or any talking head raised the subject of what else did it take to get Dwight Freeny on the football field. How does viagra work Was he given an injection of a pain killer? Was he administered an anti inflammatory drug? Not just Freeny, how does viagra work but how many other players on the Saints and Colts were shot up with some sort of chemical/drug in order to perform in last nights game?

How does viagra work Personally, how does viagra work I couldn’t care less what these players were taking but I bring it up because baseball has supposedly become tainted due to performance enhancing drugs and a guy like Mark McGwire is treated like he has renounced his American citizenship and joined Al-Queda. How does viagra work Such hypocrisy!   

How does viagra work Wasn’t Freeny’s performance enhanced by whatever pharmaceutical was administered to him? But he is considered a warrior while baseball players are called to testify to Congress and are followed by Federal Keystone Kops, how does viagra work a huge waste of taxpayer cash. How does viagra work I guess they must the Feds are bigger NFL fans.

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