8 days until pitchers and catchers

If you haven’t seen the video of Keith Hernandez working with Daniel Murphy and Nick Evans at first base, click here. Again my opinion on Murphy is certainly biased but if the other 24 players on the Mets roster that comes North has the same desire and work ethic as Murph, things may be a lot better than we think this summer at $iti Field. At the end of the video Hernandez tells Murphy and Evans that if they ever need him for anything to tell Jay Horowitz and he will drive up to St Lonesome to lend a hand.

Two things here, one what the hell took so long for the Mets to utilize Mex in this capacity and two, if Mike Piazza never asked Hernandez’ advice when the Mets were looking for him to make the transition for catcher to first baseman, then he’s a bigger asshole than I think he is.

Nice to see Mike Jacobs back in the org. I hope he likes chicken wings.

The biggest problem I have with Mets management is not so much with it’s ineptness of its baseball ops but more with its dishonestly. When it comes to the teams finances someone is lying  either the media or the team and most likely it’s the team.  With the management not being aggressive on free agents and not making deals that would make the team better by taking on pitchers like Aaron Harang, Bronson Arroyo, or Gil Meche, who have big contracts that teams would love to get out from under, it proves that the coffers of the Skill Sets are not as robust as they claim.

It seems that’s the only reason Omar and Jerry Manuel are still here, it’s more of a “it’s cheaper to keep ‘em” scenario than a performance  factor. The Skill Sets can’t afford to pay Minaya and go out and hire a top of the line GM, so what we get is lots of layers of front office types that makes dealing with the Mets tedious and exhausting.

Everyday there are more and more stories about the teams finances and I’m sure there will be more and more of the cash flow stories throughout the season.  All it will take is for one snitch to blab the inside scoop on what’s going on in the back rooms of $iti Field to bring this to light.

Perfect example of the Mets money woes, Chein- Ming Wang is ready to sign with the Washington Nationals who are putting together a nice team for 2010.

Just sit back and listen to this song and enjoy your snow day!

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  1. Krane,

    Never apologize for your man-crush on Murphy. You are dead on with your assessment of the work ethic on this team. It stinks, and is one of the reasons why they fold in a big spot…because success is hard work, and there are far too many guys on this team that does not appear to have any.

  2. They must have promised Keith a free brick.

    Seriously, very cool that he is working with those guys. Now who do we have to coach for second base and left field?

  3. Good news for Shake Shacker fans on a snowy day:Carlos Delgado may opt to retire.


  4. And it appears Wang is headed for the up and coming Nationals.


  5. Dan Gurney says:

    Joe Morgan made a comment a decade ago about how many teams don’t utilize past greats to help today’s players (he cited the Tigers not using Al Kaline who very good as a hitter and fielder). The Jets have had similar complaints in the past from Don Maynard and Marty Lyons.

    Don’t the Highlanders use players like Reggie Jackson, Whitey Ford, Ron Guidry, Yogi in spring training and other times? Learn from your enemy, Skill Sets!

  6. It’s a cool 50* and Sunny here in St Pete. I can feel the Hate.

  7. What Boston Red Sock are you bringing in this year to win a WS?
    @Michael -

  8. But what I don’t get is that they had money to pay Fat Bengie if he had accepted, and Piniero if he accepted. So, where’s the money now? Why couldn’t they divert the money to Hudson and eat Castillo’s contract? Or sign Torrealba?

    How can you have money on the table one minute, then cry poor the next?

  9. Yankee Dude- do the years 21,22,26,42,55,57,60,63,64,76,81,01,and 03 mean anything to you? Losers!

  10. Mikey boy324 says:

    The Yankees won 3 quarters of there championships when there was like 6 teams in the league and there was no draft so any player can sign with whatever team they wanted too so you can’t compare championships with the mets but you can compare owners in which the Yankees owners at least try to win every year where as the skill sets do just enough to field a competitve team but never enough to go over the top to win…

  11. Originally Posted By peterYankee Dude- do the years 21,22,26,42,55,57,60,63,64,76,81,01,and 03 mean anything to you? Losers!

    Show me your flags, babe!

  12. @Mikey boy324 – Yankee Dude- as long as you kill the Sawk you’ll be ok in my book. Hate the Sawk.

  13. whoops, wrong comment. Sorry Mikey Boy 324. Gotta stop drinking in the Morning. Hic…

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