I like the fact that David Wright is stepping up his leadership role with the Mets. In fact one of the best addition by subtraction moves the club made this winter was saying buh-bye to Carlos Delgado, who I felt was a very intimidating presences in the Mets Clubhouse and too many times Wright had to take a backseat to the senior vet. Now with Delgado gone it’s time for Wright to takeover that clubhouse. 

You need an everyday player to be the go to guy and Wright fits that mold better than anyone not named Johan Santana with the Mets. As great a player as Carlos Beltran is, he’s a very low key guy and Jose Reyes who is the on field igniter could be Wright’s tag-team buddy in that clubhouse, in fact in a perfect baseball world the two faces’ of the franchise should be able to say or do what they please with the service time they have with the club, but both are deferential to the older vets on the team sometime to a fault.

If Johan Santana can play the Cliff Floyd role with Wright and give him backup, it would be a major asset to this team. It won’t cure all the ills, but it would help put on notice players, who don’t give 100 % effort physically and mentally, especially the mental part which was as much a reason for the Mets demise as the injuries were last year.

Forget all the bravado of the team to beat bullshit, besides health, the biggest improvement with this Mets team and the whole organization for that matter is accountability. The team motto for this spring and season should be “NO MORE EXCUSES!!!!!”

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  1. Steve, awesome point about Johan playing the Cliff Floyd ‘elder’ role and giving David some backup.

    My problem is that – don’t hate me! – I don’t know that David has enough depth to take on the leadership role and execute it with authority.

  2. Caryn, first off hate you ? NEVER!!!!!! second, you may be right we don’t know if D-Wright can lead, and by lead I don’t mean a lot of rah-rah shit but take guys aside when they fuck up and or fuck off. This team is still a mystery and in a way it makes me more excited for the season to start.

  3. I agree that it is time to move on past Delgado’s leadership. I want to stress that this is not a criticism of Delgado. The players themselves praised the leadership he provided and I remember quite a few times when he led by example with his play. He gets a bad rap from some. Still, it is time to move on. I share Caryn’s worries about David’s depth. But I think David is smart and I think he is capable of deepening. Now is the time for him to become a little more Keith Hernandez and a little less Gary Carter.

  4. George the Stork says:

    It’s no coincidence that the NY Football Giants won a Super Bowl the year that Barber and Shockey left, and Eli could emerge as the leader (at least of the offense).

  5. Agree 110% with what Caryn said above. Although I don’t have a problem necessarily with what david said (better than saying every year “We are the team to beat” only to collapse the last week of the year or in 2009 get injured before even playing) but here’s an idea – show us with your bat!

  6. @Caryn

    I would agree. We saw how David became soft and self absorbed last year. Can’t make someone a leader who doesn’t want to lead.

    As for Reyes, may I remind everyone it does take a certain amout of intellect to lead.

    If Frenchy can regain some of his former skills he can be a big leader on this beloved team.

    As some of us pointed out months ago the Mets needed someone like Pierzynski to fire this team up.

    In the meantime it’s been a glorious off season enjoying:

    27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27

  7. Mikey,

    You misspelled that. I’ll correct it for you:

    27* 27* 27* 27* 27*

  8. How can David Wright be a leader when the day before he does an interview and says he’s not concerned about his lack of HRs and his rising strikeout total? Not the right answer for a leader.

  9. BTW, Delgado was never a leader on this team. If he was Im glad he is gone. Leaders don’t run in the dugout after a HR and write about it in a book.

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