We pause our Mets coverage here at The Eddie Kranepool Society to focus on my new female crush. Ms. Cheryl  Bernard of Canada.  Not only is Ms. Bernardt a gorgeous female from the  Great White North  she is also a kick-ass Curler, unlike that choking American dog John Shuster, who found his sorry Curling ass on the pine yesterday as the U.S Men’s Curling team defeated France 4-3. But I digress back to the lovely Cheryl.

Ms. Bernard is the Skip of the Canadian team as in Skipper as in Main Babe in Charge and she takes her job very very seriously. Last night she was brilliant in leading her Canadian team to victory over the hotties from Denmark.  This match was so good and entertaining that I stayed with it while my Celtics were running roughshod over the Blazers.

I can’t  get enough Curling or of Cheryl Bernard (wink, wink)

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  1. For the younger readers, some of the Russian curlers are brilliant as well, not quite at curling but that is because they are melting the ice as they compete. Krane, I am sure that you are better at the search process than I am, but you will see, I am on the money…

  2. You’re definitely onto something here. I’m not a big fan of the particular curler you mention, but in general I have found the Women’s Curling to be the highlight of these Olympics from a candy-for-the-eyes standpoint, specifically the Denmark and Russia teams. But depending on one’s particular taste all the teams offer something. The tall brunette for Denmark is my personal favorite.

  3. Meanwhile let’s get back to the important stuff:

    What’s with batting Mensa Reyes 3rd?

    I’ll tell you what and why, girls. It’s an admission that he was running rapidly into oblivion with his mindless steals. I’ll say it again: steals are overrated and don’t always produce runs. Stategic stealing is what counts. By the way I loved when he was thrown out at third with Wright at bat a few times.

  4. To Michael- You refer to Reyes as a “little punk”. What is your term for a 23 year-old who drives drunk in Nebraska, risking the lives of innocent children, then spends the night in jail? Oh, we won’t even get into his maternal breeding stock, what a plethora of problems there.

    Unless I’ve missed something, Jose has never spent a night behind bars. Your guy spends a few too many nights in them.

  5. Rich,

    Joba addressed the issue and there’s no excuse for what he did! It was reprehensible.

    Addressing the issues on the field it must be noted that “the most exciting player” in baseball was the face of the dual collapses of ’07 and ’08. Kindly take the time to look over his September numbers.

    As for his punk appearance may I remind you that leadership starts at the top. Maybe, just maybe, players can be inspired to take pride in being a Met.

    (On the personal side, I am a product of a corporate culture that had a dress code and I’m damn proud of it!)

    Here’s wishing you and your family a wonderful weekend despite our obvious differences about what constitutes a punk.

  6. I guess we’ll agree to disagree on our definitions. I do think, though, “clean cut” does not equate to “good guy”. You know as well as I that there is plenty of white collar crime out there, idiots who fritter away peoples’ life savings. Our corporate culture at work is “business casual”, and people have very different interpretations as to what’s appropriate there.

    About Reyes’s September numbers (by the way, 08 was not a collapse. They were 10 games out in June and came back to have a see-saw battle for first and fell short at the end)I agree they were sub-par. But if someone wishes to blame Reyes, then it is only fair to give him credit for keeping the Mets in the race up to that point. It goes both ways.

    It’s cool that you don’t care for Jose, hell, you’re entitled. I, however, feel the same about your guy, there’s not a player in baseball I root harder against (including Rollins and Hanley).

    A splendid weekend to you, as well.

  7. WEll putting the Jaba thing aside as I do not follow nor care about the Yankees. Reyes has been a punk so far int eh major leagues. There have been several instances of this and his overall borish self foucsing actions speak for themselves. it is time him and David grew up and stood up and acting like the professionals they get paid to be.

  8. (On the personal side, I am a product of a corporate culture that had a dress code and I’m damn proud of it!)

    Michael why am I not shocked your a corporate guy as the Highlanders are as corporate as they get. I tried the corporate world and between wearing at tie and getting haircuts that world was not for me (both my brothers did very well in the corporate world) I am most happy working in the blue collar world and I must say, I do look good in workboots and a hardhat.

  9. Steve,

    Are your brothers Yankee fans?

  10. Michael, one brother is a Highlander supporter do to business dealings he has with the team the other is a Mets fan as is the majority of my family.

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