Before we all go off the deep end here about J-Man contemplating batting Jose Reyes in the 3 hole, let’s remember that (a) this is only because Carlos Beltran will be out until May (cross fingers and toes) and (b) when Beltran comes back, Reyes goes back to the lead off spot. The bigger problem with the Mets lineup is too many square pegs and round holes.

I’ve tossed around a few lineups and the problem I have is not who leads off as the Mets have three guys (Reyes, Castillo and Pagan) who are terrific leadoff men. They also have two nice #2 hitters in Castillo who gives you OBP and Daniel Murphy who hits with some pop. I’m intrigued about Reyes in the 3 spot because with Bay and Wright behind him you know he’s going to see strikes.

So if I were the manager I’d put this lineup out as much as I could this spring to see how it works.










I’m a little concerned with the 7-8 spot. Barajas is feast or famine and Pagan is the square peg in the round hole I spoke about in the beginning. He’s more a 1-2 hitter but as we see without the potent bat of Carlos Beltran, there has to be some improvisation with this Mets lineup.

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  1. I’d be more concerned with sticking 4 righties back2back2back3back Bay, Wright, Francoeur, Barajas.

    Lineup has no balance.

  2. Love you Krane….if Castillo is in your lineup the only place he should bat is leadoff. He is completely useless anywhere else in teh lineup.

  3. Steve, duuuude, hook me up witgh some of that stuff! Are you kidding? Reyes #3 is not a good idea, not for a day, not for an at bat. All we need is for him to start swinging for power, and fuck himself up royally for when he goes back to leadoff. Castillo leading off? With the two fastest players (Pagan and Reyes) in spots where they can’t run? Castillo should be 8th, so he can be bunted over, because he’s not swiping a lot of bags anytime soon.

    I know this is just spring training chatter, and I love it. But I hope Jerry’s just talking about it, like he was last February. I say until Carlos is back, Wright, Bay, Frenchy in the middle, 3-5.

  4. Yes, even I have to agree that batting “the best shortstop in New York” (my ass) third is making it easier on the opposition as it nullifies the “running game”.

  5. Mr. North Jersey your right the righties are all bunched up and the lineup has no balance as the only true lefty hitter is Murphy. As I say in the post there are too many square pegs and round holes with the offense. Is Reyes in the 3 hole the right thing ? No but with no Beltran it may be worth a shot in spring to see.

    Bottom line, Castillo is a problem and if as Freddy Skill Sets says that money is still flowing then do the right thing and buy out Castillo and sign Felipe Lopez to an incentive laden deal

  6. Everyone talks about Reyes running game? So let me ask if he wasnt fast what would you think of him? How does batting third prevent him from running? How has the running worked out the past 4 years? Maybe a little less running and a higher on base percentage would work out better. His running game as far as producing runs is overrated. The jsutification everyone uses for not batting third is that he is so good batting 1st??????? The person that suggested Castillo batting 8th where have you been? Castillo gets 90 foot hits completely useless batting eigth, he will also just walk so the pitcher is up and he HAS A BETTER OBP then Reyes. Castillo IS a leadoff hitter. Plus nothing better then Reyes on 3rd with your cleanup hitter up. Flyball you get a run. As a side note Reyes hasnt scored anymore then Beltran and Wright over the past several years. He is not the run producer everyone thinks he is. And if anyone says how reyes goes the Mets go…jsut loggof and do not debate baseball becasue you have no idea how it is played.

  7. @Paul l.

    Well put my friend.

  8. Uh, Paul, if Castillo walks in front of the pitcher, it gives the pitcher a chance to bunt him over. That is the whole point. He is not going to get on second on his own most of time. And what have you seen in Reyes that makes you think he’s suited to 3rd? Do you think messing with a player by putting him third and then leadoff in a month or two is a good thing? On what do you base your thought that this will be in any way successful? He is a successful leadoff hitter. The man’s game is his legs. Why try to re-invent him into a run-producing spot now? Then you say more OBP and less speed…can you just snap your fingers and get that?

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