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Viagra reviews Some quick hits for a snowy Saturday:

Viagra reviews Growing up in a full blooded Irish household, viagra reviews we were always taught to never ever air your dirty laundry in public, viagra reviews so I guess that’s why I have such a hard time finding sympathy for Steve Phillips. Viagra reviews Phillips yesterday spent a full two hours on Mike Francesa’ WFAN radio program and for ninety of those minutes talked about his sex addiction.  If it weren’t for the USA Olympic hockey game being one sided and the Moltrin kicking in to soothe my back from shoveling snow I’d have shut the show off.

Viagra reviews Phillips mentioned the pain and suffering he inflicted on his wife and children and all I kept thinking was how does it help alleviate that pain by you coming on this radio show talking about your addiction to sex?  I’ve never hid the fact that I never like Steve Phillips as he always came off to me as huckster and  a phony and I guess I was right. Viagra reviews I just think that this was Philips way of getting himself back into the game, viagra reviews maybe not as a scout or front office guy but back into broadcasting. Viagra reviews Those therapy session tend to get expensive I guess. Viagra reviews Maybe what Phillips needs is some “Irish therapy” a good ass kicking and stiff drink.

Viagra reviews The first thing that comes to my mind of course is how can Alex Cora be a better signing than Felipe Lopez? Both players will make the same about of cash this season. Viagra reviews Talent wise Lopez is the superior player and he’s five years younger than Cora. Viagra reviews Mets fans have a right this morning to question why the Mets didn’t sign Lopez. Viagra reviews The Mets won’t come right out and say it but Lopez for all his talent, viagra reviews has played on six different teams in nine years. Viagra reviews A couple of weeks ago he was interviewed on MLB Hot Stove and was questioned if it was his attitude or some other issues were scaring off teams to sign him and Lopez got very defensive and got his back up a bit so maybe as the outside of the package looks appealing, viagra reviews the contents may be over priced when it comes to Felipe Lopez.

Viagra reviews Mack Ade has some great links on his site this morning including David Wright brining a PB & J sandwich with him to a Mets media event at $iti Field this winter. Viagra reviews You hear me making fun of Wright for that as I bring the same sandwich with me to work at least twice a week. Viagra reviews Also Buster Onley states that if Ike Davis could make a run on the starting first base job this spring. Viagra reviews Again, viagra reviews Daniel Murphy would have to flop big time and Davis would have to hit about 15 HR’s this spring for this to happen. Viagra reviews No need to rush Ike. Viagra reviews If it comes down to Frank Catalanotto or Mike Jacobs for the 25 spot on the roster, viagra reviews Catalanotto will get the nod.

Viagra reviews I feel so bad for my favorite Van-Cougar Curler, viagra reviews Cheryl Bernard settling for the Silver medal for Canada after the loss to Sweden last night. Viagra reviews If there is anything I can do Cheryl, viagra reviews take you to lunch or a Caribbean cruise, viagra reviews please drop me a line.

Viagra reviews Geez you look familiar, viagra reviews you kinda look like Arturo Lopez?

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