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Viagra prescriptions Craig Calcaterra’ favorite past time is bashing the Mets (he’s a Braves fan so that explains that) which should piss me off, viagra prescriptions but the does it so well and is very witty that it doesn’t. Viagra prescriptions This week he is at Port St. Viagra prescriptions Lonesome and had two anecdotes that well, viagra prescriptions quite frankly made me laugh out loud.

Viagra prescriptions   My doctor recommended that I take extra good care of myself while on assignment, viagra prescriptions so I stopped at a liquor store Saturday night to stock up on some Kentucky medicine. Viagra prescriptions Behind the counter was the friendliest and least discreet clerk I’ve ever met. Viagra prescriptions He asked me if I was in town for baseball and I said yes. Viagra prescriptions He then told me that Mets pitcher John Maine had been in there a half hour earlier, viagra prescriptions came up to the counter with a bottle of Grey Goose and was getting ready to pay for it when a Mets coach walked in. Viagra prescriptions Maine and the coach talked for a few minutes, viagra prescriptions and then Maine walked out, viagra prescriptions forgetting to buy his vodka.  I got this mental image of him getting back to whatever social gathering he was attending and someone asking him where the booze was, viagra prescriptions only to have Maine go “Ummm, viagra prescriptions oh. Viagra prescriptions Man.”

Viagra prescriptions Something tells me Dr. Viagra prescriptions Ed Coleman was pissed that Maine came back empty handed.

Viagra prescriptions I woke up yesterday morning to get my continental breakfast on, viagra prescriptions and in the lobby was a young woman in black spandex pants, viagra prescriptions Mets fleece and Mets cap yelling at one of the desk clerks.  Seems she left her car someplace the night before — obviously not at Maine’s party, viagra prescriptions as there was no booze there — and needed to get a cab to go and pick it up. Viagra prescriptions When told it would be 45 minutes before a car could get out there, viagra prescriptions she yelled “I’m from New York and this sh– doesn’t fly!!  I live an HOUR outside of Manhattan, viagra prescriptions and I can get a car to my house faster than that!”  I suppose she has a point about 45 minutes being a long time to wait, viagra prescriptions but I’ve found that one generally doesn’t get what one wants in this world by telling people that you come from someplace better and more important than they do.

Viagra prescriptions  

Viagra prescriptions You what I find funny about this, viagra prescriptions whenever I go out of town; I usually like to avoid my fellow bridge and tunnel-ers. Viagra prescriptions My problem is as soon as I open my mouth I reek of Brooklyn and in fact I’m proud of that since it seems the great Brooklyn dialect is a dying language but when one of my fellow outer boro “brudders of sistahs” act up at an airport, viagra prescriptions hotel or restaurant, viagra prescriptions someone will inevitably turn to me with a shake of the head, viagra prescriptions “Humph, viagra prescriptions those New Yorkers” at that time I break out my Irish brogue, viagra prescriptions cultivate from years of living with parents born in County Sligo. Viagra prescriptions So if I were in that hotel lobby and asked about Lady Going Ga-Ga I’d have said “Ah tis sad, viagra prescriptions she’s actin’up” Hey, viagra prescriptions sometimes it’s best to go undercover.

Viagra prescriptions I rarely ever listen to Craig Carton and Boomer Esiason on WFAN but from reading a post on Mets Merized Online I read that Carton who tries to be a Howard Stern type jock but falls woefully short in the gift to be offensive and very funny, viagra prescriptions made some irresponsible about Jose Reyes and his health. Viagra prescriptions If these quotes are true and I have no reason to believe MMO is making them up, viagra prescriptions how could WFAN keeps this low rent shock jock wanna be employed? Then again WFAN has become a station that can only attracted advertisers for hair plugs, viagra prescriptions hard on medicine and scams to donate cars for children so what should I expect. Viagra prescriptions I’m sure a big pussy like Carton would never go into the Mets clubhouse and say to Reyes’ face what he’d say in the microphone. 

Viagra prescriptions Brian Costa via TWITTER says Frankie Rodriguez is back in camp.

Viagra prescriptions Who is this Nick Evans of which you speak ?

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