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50 mg cialis The worst part of the Reyes Thyroid melodrama is not the illness as it appears with rest and proper diet, 50 mg cialis Reyes can get his overactive Thyroid under control, 50 mg cialis it’s the fact that the front office now has to make some very important personnel moves and that alone should set all our Thyroids into overdrive.

50 mg cialis As a fan I’m petrified about Jerry Manuel getting his way, 50 mg cialis having Jenry Mejia thrust into the set up role, 50 mg cialis and of Alex Cora becoming the everyday shortstop, 50 mg cialis and Cora can crow with all his bravado about grabbing the shortstop job until Reyes comes back but in the words of Harry Callahan, 50 mg cialis “A man’s got to know his limitations” you are what you are an overpaid backup. 50 mg cialis Now Manuel has another problem, 50 mg cialis trying to put together a lineup without two major pieces, 50 mg cialis a leadoff hitter and three- hole hitter.

50 mg cialis The way it looks now the lineup for opening day would be this:

50 mg cialis Pagan

50 mg cialis Castillo

50 mg cialis Wright

50 mg cialis Bay

50 mg cialis Murphy

50 mg cialis Francouer

50 mg cialis Barajas

50 mg cialis Tejada

50 mg cialis However, 50 mg cialis with the current situation the Mets find themselves in now and the way Ike Davis is hitting, 50 mg cialis the Mets may be forced into brining Davis up and letting him be the everyday first baseman. 50 mg cialis Now you may be saying, 50 mg cialis “Aren’t you the big time Murphy Fanboy” yes, 50 mg cialis yes I am, 50 mg cialis the problem is though, 50 mg cialis Murphy is not a 5 hole hitter, 50 mg cialis he is more a 2 or a 7 but with Wright and Bay both hitting from the right side, 50 mg cialis to have Frenchy got to 5, 50 mg cialis I would not be comfortable with three consecutive right handed batters plus Davis is showing that he could be ready and having that lefty power bat early on not only would boost the lineup but it would re-invigorate the fan base.

50 mg cialis Murphy early on would be a lefty bat off the bench and by the time Beltran comes back (talk about a guy who has fallen off the radar screen, 50 mg cialis is Beltran working out in camp? at home?, 50 mg cialis at the mall ? where’s Carlos B ?)   along with Cora and either GMJ (switch-hitter) or Frank Catalanotto or Chris Carter with Fernando Tatis and Henry Blanco ready from the right side.  Then when Beltran and Reyes do come back, 50 mg cialis reassess the situation and move accordingly.

50 mg cialis The biggest gripe I have and most Mets fans have is the lack of a strong leader in management. 50 mg cialis There is no one in the Mets organization that can stepped to a podium that makes me feel like they are in control of any situation. 50 mg cialis It’s sad. 50 mg cialis Every time a situation arises with this team it turns into embarrassment, 50 mg cialis we want to believe, 50 mg cialis we want to look at the ownership with confidence that there is a plan, 50 mg cialis we want to see the manager and players hold their heads high and play tough physically and mentally but all we get is a bunch of guys with high water pants and eye glasses held together with scotch tape. 50 mg cialis Not very inspiring is it?

50 mg cialis I’d go into the pitching situation but my Morphine drip is almost empty.

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