With the witch hunt by guys like John Harper and the Legion of Ignoramuses A/K/A the callers to WFAN talking out their ass about Jose Reyes’ Thyroid (how is this for a man bites dog story, Joe Benigino and Evan Roberts are now the best and informative hosts on the station since they had an actual Endocrinologist on their show to talk about thyroids unlike the Hot Air Balloon that’s on from 1-6 whose show is as dated as the old Lawrence Welk shows that run on WLIW. I wish I had a tape of Francesa trying to figure out how Twitter works, did you see that Mikey? that was the 21st Century passing you by) and all the other righteous assholes dogging Mark McGwire¬† I thought about this song and how great would it have been if McGwire would have preformed it before Congress

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  1. The only team I root for that is the same as Beningo are the Mets, but he is the best host on the station. Best on the radio.

  2. My medical sources tell me the overwhelming amount of overactive thyroids occur in women. Perhaps Jose’s has an issue that’s just starting to surface.

  3. mark McGwire doesnt belong anywhere near a baseball clubhouse………..it’s a disgrace.

  4. Originally Posted By Paul L.mark McGwire doesnt belong anywhere near a baseball clubhouse………..it’s a disgrace.

    Well stated my friend.

  5. BiggieSmalls says:

    Carlin vs Francesa and Twitter ignorance


  6. George the Stork says:

    Hot Air Balloon — hah! that’s great. I’ve stopped listening to Francesa. He’s so arrogant and disrespectful to the callers it makes me sick. And he gloats bigtime at every Mets failure. He’s one big, fat, unlistenable jerk.

  7. I find Francesa to be fair and balanced. He’s informative and treats callers with enormous respect.

    His break up the core after the Shake Shackers 2008 blow job was incisive and appropriate. Also, his Murphy evaluation is spot on.

    It’s not as if he has an agenda like Mrs. Jose Reyes (Lupica) who once again wrote about Arod today and nary a word about Flushing. I guess you can’t Flushing when your head is up Fred’s ass.

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