WOW  What a weekend!  Saturday we had tickets for a show at the New Victory Theatre and decided to go by car instead of ferry/subway.  As bad as the weather was, lots of traffic on the roads and on the sidewalks.  Driving rain and 50 MPH winds but the city was still packed as was the theatre. Just like Ian Hunter sings “You got to be crazy to live in the city and New York City ‘s the best”

I then came home to see my neighbor-two doors down-tree uprooted and about twenty of my roof shingles strewn in my yard and driveway.   So I spent the majority of the night watching the tree in my backyard sway back and forth while our trampoline was swooped up from the front of the yard and transported to the back of the yard. While that was occurring the basketball hoop that is connected to a metal pole that has a base of sand and bricks to hold it down, topple over. Oh yeah then the gutter on my garage came off and landed in the yard of the house in back of me. I tried to settle down for the night but the constant sirens from fire engines and ambulances touring the neighborhood kept me awake. When I finally did get to sleep, I woke up at 9AM but then remembered it was really 10AM Eastern Daylight Savings Time.  So while I was relieved that my house was still on the same lot it was built on about 100 years ago and that my basement was not an aquarium I thought I’d just relax for the morning. But wait, what’s today? March 14th OH SHIT!!! I have to go scout 14-15 year old baseball players at New Dorp High School for my Babe Ruth team. I get dressed and out the door but every other block was closed off with trees deposited in the middle of the streets. A five minute ride took twenty five minutes. If I get to draft this one kid I saw-14 years old about 6’2” hard thrower and soft hands-the trek will have been worth it.

Other than that a pretty quiet weekend, how about you?

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  1. Ran around all day yesterday in the storm. Had an okay day today until I got home to no water.

  2. Went to a cool bar called “B Flat” on Church Street in Manhattan last night. Took the train in from CT and trying to get a cab downtown at 5 pm (the worst of the storm) was fucking impossible. By the time the epiphany hit me to take the subway shuttle to the downtown 1, I was soaked beyond recognition. To ease my pain, I drank too many “Moscow Mules” and have been nursing a hangover today. Others?

  3. We’ve just had a beautiful weekend with temps in the 50s and almost unbroken sunshine. You can never tell here. It’s supposed to be the same for St. Patrick’s Day, but after that …

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