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Viagra stamina We are told not to take the stats from spring training too seriously especially early, viagra stamina but the quotes coming from John Maine after his cameo appearance yesterday left me a bit unsettled.

Viagra stamina Because of the rain the last couple of days in Florida, viagra stamina the Mets have tried to rearrange the pitching assignments to make sure every one gets in their work. Viagra stamina Maine came into yesterday’s game after Johan Santana pitched four superb innings, viagra stamina starting the fifth inning. Viagra stamina He got two quick outs then the roof caved in as he gave up a couple of walks and a couple of doubles and next thing you know he had to be taken out of the game without completing the inning. Viagra stamina Now if it were just that, viagra stamina I’d say he was working on different pitchers and looks like those pitches need some fine tuning, viagra stamina but it was Maine’ statements after the game that have me concerned.

Viagra stamina  “I felt good, viagra stamina” Maine said. Viagra stamina “It’s just one of those days. Viagra stamina My shoulder and arm feel fine. Viagra stamina Coming in like that – off my routine – I just wasn’t at all prepared. Viagra stamina It was different. Viagra stamina I didn’t get the job done. Viagra stamina …I just wasn’t kind of that into it and just wasn’t that comfortable.”

Viagra stamina  

Viagra stamina So physically Maine claims to be fine but mentally he’s all fucked up for the lack of a better term, viagra stamina if there were ever a poor choice of words, viagra stamina “I just wasn’t kind of into it and just wasn’t comfortable” that quote would be it. Viagra stamina If I’m the manager or GM, viagra stamina I would have left a call to Mr. Viagra stamina Maine to be at the complex at 7AM this morning to explain that quote.

Viagra stamina Maine’ biggest problem he said he’s used to starting a game and getting ready to make the game his, viagra stamina that’s fine but this is an exhibition game, viagra stamina a practice game, viagra stamina the one time during the year where the numbers on the scoreboard mean nothing plus it wasn’t like Maine was coming into the game with the bases loaded and no outs, viagra stamina he was starting the fifth inning. Viagra stamina With all that Maine was still not fit for duty:

Viagra stamina “I am a creature of habit, viagra stamina” Maine said. Viagra stamina “I have a certain routine. Viagra stamina I was out of sync, viagra stamina off my routine. Viagra stamina I just wasn’t prepared. Viagra stamina I didn’t get the job done. Viagra stamina It’s the whole aspect of throwing before the game, viagra stamina sitting down and doing this.”

Viagra stamina The players and management of this team have more excuses than Eric Massa, viagra stamina in fact I’m wondering if someone in the Mets clubhouse tickled Jose Reyes to the point his Thyroid nearly exploded.

Viagra stamina Maine makes his next stat on Saturday and if he’s not into that start, viagra stamina maybe management would be into trading for Andy Sonnerstine who looks to be on the trade market. 

Viagra stamina Management can spin their confidence about the starting rotation in public all they want but I’m sure behind closed door the brain trust feels their desperately need another solid starter and are working the phone lines to feel out the offers. Viagra stamina Give it a day or two but rumors will be flowing like the weekends  rain off your gutters, viagra stamina that the Mets are looking for pitching, viagra stamina especially if Maine has another performances like yesterday .

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