If you read the NY Post this morning besides the front page picture of half the NYPD chasing a poor coyote just steps from my office, the best thing in that fish wrap today was Justin Terranova’s 5 Questions with Bobby Ojeda. Last year during the stink of August and September, Bobby-O was at his best on the pre and pst games shows with his co-host Curley, Chris Carlin. Ojeda was visibly and vocally pissed off by the poor play and attitude of the team and in this interview he still is not afraid to tell it like it is:

 Q: Coming out of spring training with Carlos Beltran out and Jose Reyes questionable for Opening Day, do you think the first month of this season is about survival for the Mets?

A: You can’t have that attitude. You heard that ad nauseum last year. “Let’s hold on until so and so comes back.” It drove me nuts. On any given team, you are going to have people injured. The attitude has to be that you are going to go out and stick it to people. We are going to remember what happened last year and teams are going to pay. “Just survive until Beltran and Reyes get healthy” is a loser attitude.

Amen Brother Bobby. AMEN!!!!

Jose Reyes is not a fan of shit kickin’ music. Me either. Reason #4,564,098 why it’s great to live in NYC, NO COUNTRY MUSIC STATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!

The Mets are interested in Chad Gaudin. I’m starting to think the Mets front office is staffed by a bunch of hoarders, shit plied up all over the place. Stay out of the dumpster Omar.

Metstradamus takes on the Jenry Mejia debate as only Metstradamus can. Looks like there is some sort of march on the SNY studios to protest the promotion of Jenry Mejia to the big league club tonight at around 6PM. Who’s a thunk it? Mets fan Teabaggers !

OK sit down for a minute. Are you seated?  OK. I wanted you to sit because I’m going to write something positive about Mets management. Now this happens about as often as NBC has a hit TV show (have you seen that disaster called The Marriage Ref? I love fellow Mets fan Jerry Seinfeld but that show is an abomination. I’m sure Coco is laughing his rich-pompadour ass off) but with the news that the old Home Run Apple will now be moved outside the Willets-Point subway stop and the adding of the Mets Hall of Fame and the pictures of our former and current Mets heroes all over the ball park and plaza, plus painting the place in glorious blue and orange, I have to say I very happy. It just shows you that sometimes people in charge do hear us and are opinions and suggestions are not just farts in the wind.

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  1. I too love the additions/changes they’re making this year out at Citi. It’s like any of our houses – always a work in progress.

    Except, as only the Mets can, they screwed up one of the fanwalks with who actually won game 7 of the WS in ’86….

    And I happen to love new country music. Obviously I’m in the minority since there is no country station in the NY metro area I live in…..

  2. George the Stork says:

    After reading about the Braves keeping their young phenom, Jason Heyward, on the big club, I’m a little miffed that Ike Davis didn’t stay here as well. Ike’s numbers were better than Heyward’s.

    I don’t mind a little country now and then (check out Jason Thompson), but then again, I like head-banging, metal, classical and Irish, too. Rap is the only thing I won’t listen to.

  3. Once again that tasteless little punk Reyes is in my cross-hairs.

    How dare he take issue with the music that lies so close to my heart? 30% of the songs in my iPod are country. Real country, not that falsified poly pap that’s passed off for country today.

    Let’s hear it for:

    Patsy Cline
    Ray Price
    Marty Robbins
    Hank Williams
    Charlie Rich
    Dave Dudley
    Waylon Jennings
    Willie Nelson

    Maybe the tastless little punk would appreciate this music better if he removed that doo rag of his. Obviously it affects his thinking not to mention his hearing.

  4. Country music sucks. Now, for baseball…Ojeda is correct, and what’s more is that the people who propogated that bullshit, loser mentality are still here. So, when and if they get off to a bad start, will we still hear Jerry and Omar do the “oh poor us” shit after every game? I want to think something will change, but…

    Now what’s up with A Rod not talking to the Feds? Next week is holy week, do you think if I go to church and light candles (the big $5 ones) every day, that maybe A Fraud could be thrown out of baseball for repeat offenses, and do jail time? If we could see him in an Armani suit in cuffs (like Plaxico), it would be the happiest day of my life (other than the day my daughter was born). I’d take the day off and go to the scene and play a recording of the Joker’s laugh as he was whisked away.

  5. George the Stork says:

    @Rich – Good one, Rich. I’d pay tickets to see A-Roid get carted away. I’m not Catholic, but I’d do my part and light some candles around the house if you think it might help the cause.

  6. kranepool says:

    Michael all those artists you mention are no longer played on country stations and most fans of country music don’t listen to them they think shit like Rascal Flats and Lady Antebellum are country artists YUCK! OOOPS! my doo-rag came undone gotta tighten it up

  7. Originally Posted By kranepoolMichael all those artists you mention are no longer played on country stations and most fans of country music don’t listen to them they think shit like Rascal Flats and Lady Antebellum are country artists YUCK! OOOPS! my doo-rag came undone gotta tighten it up

    Those artists can be heard on a “classic country” format. Yes, most current country fans don’t know who these geezers are. All this means is I’m a geezer myself!

  8. And one more observation worth noting:

    No member of the WORLD CHAMPIONS sports a doo rag. Coincidence? I think not.

  9. @Michael – Well said the fact that Reyes wants to look like a gangster speaks volumes about him as a person.

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