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Viagra through canada I was able to go to last night’s game on one of those spur (or as Archie Bunker used to say “sperm” ) of the moment deals. Viagra through canada My son was with his friends when one the boys’ dads called and said he had gotten tickets to the game from his job. Viagra through canada My son called me and asked if we could go and I said “Giddy up! Let’s go”

Viagra through canada First it was the latest I’ve ever left for a game, viagra through canada 90 minutes before first pitch. Viagra through canada I’m usually in the ball park at least two hours before game time, viagra through canada but when the folks we were going with had to get home from work so, viagra through canada you do what you can do.

Viagra through canada Now from my shack on Staten Island to $iti Field it’s approximately 23 miles. Viagra through canada In a place like say, viagra through canada Bismarck North Dakota, viagra through canada a 23 mile trip may take 15 minutes but in the Greatest City on Earth at rush hour it takes close to 90 minutes. Viagra through canada We got our seats just before first pitch.

Viagra through canada Needless to say, viagra through canada I did not get to inspect my brick in the Fan Walk, viagra through canada but I did get a glimpse of the old Home Run Apple which looks like it has found the perfect home. Viagra through canada We passed by the new McFaddens which looked awfully dark. Viagra through canada The bouncers at the door, viagra through canada one really big dude who had a chin like a Jai-Alai Cestna, viagra through canada scared the shit out of me so I didn’t look sideways at the place or ask a question but I’ll pose it here to any of y’all who have been inside the place. Viagra through canada I believe it’s open all year round and on non game days? If so, viagra through canada who in that neighborhood is going to frequent the place? Do they serve food or is it a joint just to get a load on?

Viagra through canada We sat in Section 106 down the right field line, viagra through canada close to the field but we had these annoying Asian tourists in the five rows in front of us who felt the urge to take photographs during game action. Viagra through canada In the first inning the crowd in the section just called out “Yo sitdown” but by the third inning it was the whole section screaming “SIT THE FUCK DOWN” which I guess were the magic words as all cameras were finally put away.

Viagra through canada By the third inning I had seen enough of John Maine and decided it was time for the Shake Shack and Box Frites. Viagra through canada Seeing that I was comped tickets and a ride to the game, viagra through canada the least I could do was offer a Shack Burger, viagra through canada Fries and a beer to my host. Viagra through canada Even though the crowd was as large as any I’ve ever seen for a second game of the season, viagra through canada 90 degrees in April will do that (remember when the Mets used to do Second Opening Day ? Rodney Dangerfield was a guest one year when they did this promotion as the second game of the season gets “no respect, viagra through canada no respect at all”) and I’ll be honest if it were 35 degrees and windy, viagra through canada my ass would have been on the couch at home watching this game, viagra through canada but I digress. Viagra through canada It only took an inning and a half to get my Shake Shack order and beer but to cart the provisions back, viagra through canada I looked like a contestant on “Minute To Win It”. Viagra through canada It’s not easy balancing four burgers, viagra through canada four fries and two beers from the center field food court to section 106. Viagra through canada But here is the best part of the night, viagra through canada as get to the steps of the section and feeling a great sense of accomplishment that I have not dropped nor spilled any of this fine fare, viagra through canada the usher…..opps excuse me…the Hospitality Attendant, viagra through canada seeing me struggle to get to my row has the balls to ask to see my ticket. Viagra through canada I give this dolt a look and say to him “Are you fuckin’ kidding”? Now get this? This asshole is offended by my language. Viagra through canada I tell him call a supervisor or a cop and as soon as I put this food down I’m coming back up to show you my ticket. Viagra through canada  He then says “no that’s all right”.

Viagra through canada After I eat my burger I go back up to tap a kidney, viagra through canada on the way back I find Mr. Viagra through canada Hospitality Agent ( I wish I wrote down this guys name as I’d put it in this post, viagra through canada in fact because of this guy, viagra through canada for now on, viagra through canada whoever pisses me off at $iti Field will have their named printed on this site) and I ask him, viagra through canada “let’s look at the logic here, viagra through canada I have two arms full of food and drink, viagra through canada you know my ticket is in my pocket. Viagra through canada Since my hands are occupied, viagra through canada how did you think I was going to get the ticket out of my pocket, viagra through canada to show you”? “And your not cute enough for me to let you put your hand in my pocket” All this guy could do was turn a nice shade of crimson. Viagra through canada Now I could have stopped there but I couldn’t, viagra through canada I had to add, viagra through canada “Don’t you feel foolish”? What can he say or do? He can’t call a supervisor because he’ll look like a dope and he can’t argue with me because now I’ve got a posse backing me up all he could do was apologize. Viagra through canada Asshole!

Viagra through canada Oh yeah the game! Not only was John Maine ineffective, viagra through canada he looked very uncomfortable on the mound. Viagra through canada Jerry Manuel can run this start through the spin cycle all he wants there’s no way he or the front office are not concerned with Maine’s start last night. Viagra through canada His location on the majority of his pitches weren’t even close to hitting their target and it seemed every Marlin hitter started their at bat with a 2-1 or 3-1 count. Viagra through canada I don’t think Maine ever topped 90mph on his fastball all night and the speed of his fastball and change was much different.

Viagra through canada There’s not much I can add about the bonehead play by Fernando Tatis in the 7th that ran the Mets out of a potential big inning. Viagra through canada You have to know your home court. Viagra through canada The backstop at $iti is not very deep but also, viagra through canada with your best hitter at the plate and two out, viagra through canada Tatis shouldn’t even think of running unless the ball went off the backstop and up the first base line. Viagra through canada Bad baseball right there. Viagra through canada Give Tatis some props for manning up after the game and talking to the press and admitting he fucked up.

Viagra through canada That Tatis throw out at the plate, viagra through canada by the way, viagra through canada emptied $iti Field. Viagra through canada There was a mass exodus complete with heads shaking and faces etched in disgust.

Viagra through canada Hey Jenry Mejia, viagra through canada We’re not in St Lonesome anymore uh?

Viagra through canada I know, viagra through canada I know it’s only two games but I’ve seen enough of Mike Jacobs.

Viagra through canada Tough to kill D-Wright on the steal of second in the 9th that set up the IW of Jason Bay. Viagra through canada GMJ is about the only guy in the lineup besides Wright, viagra through canada Bay or Frenchie that gives you any confidence as a Mets fan to get anything done. Viagra through canada How sad is that?

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