No blogging yesterday as it was a full day of practice for my Babe Ruth league team. The league had told me during the winter that our season would not start until mid-May, as many of the kids play High School baseball but last week they switched it up and said we are starting right away. Our first game is Monday so it’s been a scramble of sorts to get my pitching in order and all the administrative stuff like uniforms and contacting parents with schedules and location sot pick up uniforms.

Then with that I have two podcasts to do this week. The first will be on Tuesday night at 11PM ET as me and Adam Bernacchio of The Ghost of Moonlight Graham will host the Baseball Bloggers Alliance show BBA Baseball Talk.

Then on Wednesday night at 10PM ET I will be hosting my THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN show on Blogtalk Radio and one of my guest will be the founder of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance and Cardinal blogger at C70 At The Bat, Daniel Shoptaw, we will discuss the weekend series between the Mets and Cardinals in St. Louis.

Now today as much as I would love to write some Mets stuff, I’m heading to a birthday party for my 1year old Great niece in 10 minutes, if I’m not totally exhausted by this evening I mat have a Mets write up tonight, if not tomorrow for sure.

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  1. I wonder who’ll have the better season, the Mets or the LLittle Kranes? Me? I’m ready to move down into my newly furnished 2010 Baseball Basement Apt. I don’t want to, but I’m afraid it’s gonna be the way things go.

  2. john milner says:

    2 – 4 at home to start the season, including losing 2 of3 to Nats.

    Gansta is gone by June 1.

    Omar sits around with his dick in his hand through another trading deadline.

    Wilpons back him for 2011.

    Mets reach in into the “desperate” and “willing to take any job to get manager on my resume” pools (think Wally Bachman)after available “real” managers turn them down.

  3. George the Stork says:

    And on top of all that the Rangers lose to those Phuckin’ Cheesesteaks because Henrik had to stand on his head all game and was too pooped for the shootout.

    When you live in Toms River, where half the people are from that second-class city, it’s especially tough losing to them all the time, which it seems we do all too often lately.

  4. kranepool says:

    A day of suckatiude for Mets/NY Rangers fans. 2 of 3 to the Nats ????????????? John “The Hammer” Milner: June 1st is too long drop the next 6 or 5 of 6 and Bob Melvin takes over the managers office .

  5. I’ll say it…

    Today was fucking embarrassing. Our prized possession going out there and losing to 35 year old (wink wink) Livan Hernandez. Are you kidding? Really…are you kidding? That guy with a 5 ERA over his career?

    How about Pagan up top in the lineup, to give us a 1-2 with speed? Cora can’t hit, let’s face it. He is a backup, ad that’s it. When Gimp comes back, how much better is it going to get?

    I say Jerry does not make May 15th if things continue like this. Today he said the team was “unprepared”. Write your own pink slip with coments like that, Gangsta.

  6. I’m down in the Basement. Everyone’s invited, esp all of the Mets players and Mngt (except Frency-how dare he produce after we all squealed all winter that he was a Bum). Oh, bring Beer. We’ll need it. Lets Go Mets!

  7. I’m not worried.

    I eagerly await the start of the championship season.

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