I’m going to try very hard not to be a complete over reactionary schmuck after this first week of the Mets 2010 season but I’ll tell you right up front, it won’t be easy.

Let’s play the “it’s so, so early in the season” card right now and get it out of the way. Yes, it is unbelievably early but after coming off an unmitigated disaster of a season last year and the happy talk bullshit we were fed the whole month of March, needless to say I’m not impressed.

Well I shouldn’t say totally unimpressed. The pitching has been surprisingly good especially the bullpen, which at the rate Jerry Manuel is using his relievers, should be burnt out by mid May. The hitting has been for a lack of a better phrase “hit or miss” either lots of runs or barely getting any.

But the biggest problem I have so far this first week is the attitude of the team and that falls on the slumping shoulders of Jerry Manuel. The odds of Manuel finishing the season as manager are as slim as Sarah Palin being named the keynote speaker at the Mensa Convention (good morning my conservative friends and teabaggers) and J-Man looks like he hopes the end comes sooner than later. For a manager to come out and say that on April 11, his team was unprepared to play is a big indictment that he is unfit to run the team. Then add some of the quotes out of the Mets clubhouse on how they felt that with the match-up between Santana and Livan Hernandez would a Mets walk over and when Santana gave up four runs in the top of the first, it took the wind out of their sails. Are you kidding ? Down 4 runs in the first to the Nats and Livan and you feel like you’re finished for the day? That’s hard to stomach.

Added to this week of yuck, was Frenchie saying the team is looking forward to getting out of town. HOLY SHIT!!! After one homestand, you can’t wait to run for the hills? I-I-I-‘m speechless.

And let’s drop the happy horse shit that the team is pressing, pressing for what ? This Mets team has the lowest expectation of any Mets team in years. They are not a contender which I think we all agree all we’re looking at is be competitive and stop with the woe is me bullshit. The manager sets the tone in that clubhouse and the team takes on the personality of its skipper. The attitude sucked last year and so far this week it still sucks.

To make my afternoon even worse, the NY Rangers lost out on the last playoff spot in the NHL Eastern conference by losing the skills competition yesterday against the Flyers. King Henrik was subjected to a shooting gallery of Flyers shots 47 total with the King stopping 46 of them. Brandon Prust and Jody Shelly can hold their heads high as well for laying it on the line in this do or die game. I don’t think I was ever as wrong about a guy like I was with John Tortorella as coach of the Rangers. I was not a Tom Renny fan and felt that Torts was just what the team needed but I was wrong. Torts is so overmatched in this town between juggling lines like a circus performer and his attitude during interviews. Simple questions get a glare and a brush off even towards Sam Rosen who will never be compared to Mike Wallace. His profanity laden tirades toward Larry Brooks of the Post make Torts look like a big horses’ ass and Brooks vs. Torts isn’t even a fair fight, Brooks beats Torts every time. Then there is the man known as Slats, Glen Sather. He should have been dumped five years ago but Jim Dopelan loves Slats but you would hope that Sather has a shred of decency and retires immediately to allow a living breathing hockey exec come in to run the Rangers. Let the Dopelan’s use some of the money they steal from Cablevision subscribers and offer Lou Lamoriello $50 million dollars to come across the Hudson and revamp the Rangers.

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  1. We start the year with the same old geezers. Maybe we’ll end with some young rabbits. Please do something to get me out of the Basement.

  2. We are tea partyers, not tea baggers. Although maybe some tea partyers enjoy that sexual act but that is their business.

  3. kranepool says:

    Peter, the only guy who could help the Mets (and get you out of the basement) is Jack Bauer. I can picture Freddy Skill Sets having a clandestine meeting with Bauer to take over the organization and Jack telling him “Mr. Wilpon I am here to serve you any way I can but the GM, manager and that dopey kid of yours will have to go”

  4. Joe T. Plumber says:

    I am a conservative who despises Sarah Palin.

    She’s a moron.

    But I’d still vote for her over ANY democrat, especially mmm mmm mmm barack hussein obama.

  5. @kranepool – Krane- it’s already past 24 hrs. Call across the Pond and get me James Bond. Send more Beer.

  6. whozgotnext says:

    So, how far out of it do we have to be before we send Mejia back down to learn how to be a starter? Ten games? Twelve games? Twenty? I mean, once we’re clearly out of the race, there’s no reason to keep him up here, right? Right?? Right???

  7. Why is Jacobs still on this team?

    Why isn’t Mejia part of a rotation in the minors?


    I eagery await the start of the championship season.

  8. I think they have grounds to fire Jerry right now. His job is to prepare the team, they’re unprepared…but Jerry will be here on Memorial Day, when they’re 15 out. Then, a cosmetic change will take place, Melvin for Jerry, but good ol’ Omar will stick around. Then nothing at the deadline, and more slogans in the off season.

    Am I right?

  9. Mr. Knish says:

    Bobby V!!!!!

  10. Joe T. Plumber says:

    Bobby V
    Wally B
    Miller H
    Casey S
    Jesus H.C.

    Doesn’t matter…as long as Fred Wilpon owns this team.

    Here’s the only solution: paid attendance – 14,306

    All this talk about new managers and GMs is a waste of time. This is your team under Fred Wilpon, Met fans. Either accept it, or do something to change it – namely – STOP SPENDNG MONEY ON THIS CRAP.

  11. Joe T. Plumber says:

    Ps – regarding my post above…the Baltimore Orioles’ fans have had enough. How many years will it take us to get to this pain level? (Ie., the less than 10,000 in paid attendance level.)

    BALTIMORE (AP)—Matt Garza(notes), Reid Brignac(notes) and Jason Bartlett(notes) love being at Camden Yards—much more so, evidently, than fans of the Baltimore Orioles.

    Garza allowed one run in eight innings for the Tampa Bay Rays in another sparkling performance against the Orioles, and Brignac and Bartlett also contributed heavily Monday night in a 5-1 victory.

    The game drew 9,129 fans, the smallest crowd in the 19-year history of Camden Yards.

  12. I’d rather see Lou Lamoriello come over to Queens to fix the Mets (he is in the Cape Cod Baseball League HOF, so there is some credibility there).

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