…where Hector was the first of the gang

with a gun in his hand

and the first to do time

the first of the gang to die. Oh my.

Hector was the first of the gang

with a gun in his hand

and the first to do time

the first of the gang to die. Oh my.

So, what now? I’ll say this, making a managerial move at this moment would just be window dressing. I’d like to see and new face in the mgr’s office sure,  but right now there is not a baseball manager alive (or dead) that could get this team to play better. The decay of the Mets starts at the top with Jeffey Skill Sets and I’ve beat this horse to death, resurrected it and beat it’s ass again. I’m not going to waste your time and mine going over my distain for management. But the masses are looking for a scalp. Talk radio, the message boards any place Mets can voice their wrath, are looking for a trophy. It’s like The Passion of The Mets, where we all stand in front of $iti Field screaming “ CRUCIFY HIM, CRUCIFY HIM” .

The anger and nastiness from the Mets fan right now is not out of hate but the biggest show of love you could ever see or hear. There is a thin line between love and hate for sure. That’s passion, something that the owners of this team sorely lack. Jeff Wilpon and David Howard do not posses a baseball soul, that’s why they can’t understand us. The improvements at $iti Field while pleasing to Mets fans, we must remember these rich fat ass’s had to be embarrassed in order to make it right.

The new message that ownership needs to hear is that while the passion of rabid Mets fan still burns white hot, that flame could go out very soon. Hate is still passion, but when the fan base turns apathetic, that’s failure and the Wilpon’s, Saul Katz and David Howard are on the express lane with an EZ-Pass  to failure.

Ok we fire Manuel and who takes over, Bob Melvin? Tim Tuefel? Joe Frazier ? Does it matter? The best  move the club could make today is assign Jenry Mejia to Bingo, bring up Ike Davis to play first base everyday, release Mike Jacobs and Fernando Tatis. Then send John Maine to Dr. James Andrews for a full physical evaluation. If every thing checks out a-okay, then give him a copy of this book, if that fails then time to release him. Show your fan base you’re not broke or cheap by releasing Luis Castillo. Put Ollie Perez on waivers and when he clears assign him to Buffalo (I don’t know if they can do this but I’m so fucking mad, spittle is flying out of my mouth just typing this post) in essence my message to Mets management is do something, show me you actually give a fuck about this franchise and in turn give us Mets fans a reason to buy a ticket and go to $iti Field. Last night the Orioles had just under 14,000 fans at Camden Yards. Monday they had less than 10,000 the reason they had 4,000 more fans last night was two fold, rookie stud pitcher Brian Matsuz was on the mound and the team was giving away t shirts. Someone in the Mets front office has to have a scintilla of common sense to see the Mets and $iti Field are headed in that direction.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you Skill Sets. Pretty soon every day will be like Sunday.

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  1. I hope Fred is smart enough to not be talked into trading off the farm system to fill the holes in our Geezery, sinking ship. We’ll need all of them after the Trading Deadline massacre.
    Oh, Krane, can you have a Miss Reingold bring the Beer and franks over to me? It’s lonely here in the Baseball Basement.

  2. Dr. Drew says:

    Great post.

    I have been ranting here under various names since Wainright froze Beltran because I was raised to love this team. However, something ugly is in the organization now. This is very different from the deRoulet mess, the Bonilla/Coleman/Saberhagen era, the Mo Vaughan/Art Howe debacle…

    This time it feels like permanent damage. The mind-boggling, rage-inducing fact that omar minaya is still employed by the NY Mets in any capacity drains me of any optimism and/or patience that got me through so many other Dark Ages for this cursed, shitty franchise.

    We need an intervention – we need to invite Uncle Fred over ostensibly for a barbecue and then somberly ambush him in the living room with written, heart-tugging pleas for him to stop abusing alcohol / drugs before he hits rock bottom.

    Translated into practical terms, that means boycott – RIGHT NOW, FOR ALL TYPES METS EXPENDITURES. Tickets, hats, Mr. Met bobble-heads.

    To the proprietor of this website – AGAIN – I will call upon you as the preeminent Mets blogger to lead a bloggers’ strike – GO DARK for a week – no Mets blogging, even if Gil Hodges rises from the grave to take over.

    If you didn’t listen in 07, 08, or 09 – LISTEN NOW!!


    Don’t stand around and watch Uncle Fred drink himself to death!!!!!

  3. Krane, A-F****ING-MEN! This organization is a disgrace, and sadly we can not fire the owner. The GM, the whole front office has to go. I am still waiting for younger and more athletic. I said it over the winter, and I am sure that you can look it up, they could have had Halladay for a song and a Wells, but that would have been too smart, and costly. Forget the fact that they spent money on Bay, and they could have made the money back on Wells & Halladay in season tickets sales and concession revenue. HEY WILPON FAMILY…YOUR TEAM IS A JOKE!!!!! And if you are wondering, I have been yelling about this for a week…to all of my fellow Mets’ fans, who agree with me. I know your organization reads every word that is written about it, whether on newsprint or cyberspace. GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR A**ES, and scrap the whole organization and start over again. We will wait, we already have been for a long time. Then after your get a new GM, go into hiding, come out twice a month to sign checks and disappear again. Your organization will be much better off.

  4. Great post, Steve. You have captured the emotion of the fan base. Like I have said for 2 years (and carton made this point today), you can’t blame the Wilpons. they spend, they spend a lot. What they are is blindly loyal to a man who has destroyed the franchise with a slew of bad decisions. On that point, they sure are guilty.

    Jerry was on with fatso, and hearing him preach about confidence in the team, and that annoying laugh, made me crazy. This man is a buffoon, and the faster he goes, the faster something can change. Axing Jerry does not cure all, but it would be a start.

    Think about Cashman/Giradi, Epstein/Francona, and Omar/Jerry. As the routine went on the Imus show, “which doesn’t belong and why?” Do the Wilpons see that the faces of their franchise are disgraces to professional sports? What do they see in these guys?

  5. Two more things…

    I’m no pitching coach, but Maine is still hurt. He is pushing the ball to the plate, not throwing it.

    I love Howie on radio, but he shocked me last night. I listened to an inning on radio, the inning where Gimp was thrown out at second. After that disgusting display of stupidity (with the team down 8-0), Howie says “I don’t blame Luis. When the ball was hit, it looked like a double. It went in the corner and he had every right to think it was an extra base hit”. What? Now we go by how hits “look”? The way it “looked” does not excuse Castillo for being thrown out, down 8-0. You better make it, Luis. You didn’t. Yes, they were going to be pounded anyway. But this is exactly why is seems like 2009. Bone head shit and uninspired baseball, it is all too familiar.

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