It’s been a very busy morning so this will be a short post. I hate weather like today as we have a 5:30 game and it’s either going to rain this afternoon or this evening and I have to plan to go home early or stay at work so I’m very indecisive on what to do kind of like the Mets on the base paths.

Big Pelf was the pitcher we all thought we’d grow up to be yesterday. He got ahead with his sinker and used an effective spilt as well. It also helps it have a craftsman behind the plate like Henry Blanco. What we need now is consistency from Big Mike.

This whole Reyes in the third spot is just Jerry Manuel standing on a trap door waiting for it to open. I love how J-Man tells the press he advised Reyes to stay with his game when the move is made and not try to be a power hitter. What the hell is your 3 hitter anyway? He’s your best bat and one of your best power bats which is why D-Wright is the best option at the 3 spot. The problem with the lineup is both Mike Jacobs and Fernando Tatis suck and Ike Davis is playing for Buffalo. I know there are some who think Davis needs more time at Triple A but when you take into account his fine spring plus he went to one of the finest baseball schools-Arizona St.-in the country and his dad was a major leaguer so he knows the life better than most, that baseball pedigree tells me the risk of bringing up and under cooked Davis is better than a burnt Mike Jacobs or Fernando Tatis.

The Wee-Fellow at the Daily News has for the most part become an irrelevant writer in this town but he is still the house organ for the Skill Sets which leads me to believe the Skill Sets some how collaborated with him on this Bobby Valentine homecoming story to reclaim the Mets managers office.

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  1. I agree that Surfing The Mets has become a complete waste of time.

    Re: Bobby V, I don’t want him to come back yet. Why? Because he’s heading a commission in Stamford to try to develop a solution to the lack of fire dept. coverage in North Stamford, which is where my parents live. The volunteer rolls are depleted and they are losing houses because of lack of response.

  2. Steve,

    I fully agree the Skills Sets employed Mrs. Reyes to float this trial balloon.

    The right way to have done this was to have made this change OVER THE WINTER! It would have sent a positive message to the team and fan base. Now we’re playing catch up baseball again.

    Your Pal,


  3. I do not read the Daily News for a lot of Mets coverage. The other baseball writer is on the Highlanders payroll, so it only makes sense to have both ends covered. I agree with Michael…Bobby V should have been brought in during the winter.

  4. kranepool says:

    Caryn that is the essence of what Bobby V is all about.

    When Bobby V was opening his restaurant in Stanford the area was not the best of neighborhoods. Valentine went around looking for the drug dealers and pimps and let them know face to face that they were done plying their trade near his restaurant and in the area. Not only is he a great manager he is a man of action as well. I don’t think he’d be giving out pats on the ass for trying hard.

    Another of Valentine’s great philospohy “The 6 P’s” is one I use with my players. “Proper Preparation, Prevents, Piss Poor, Performance” I’d say this is the man the Mets sorely need

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