What’s most disappointing about last night’s Mets loss was not just the wasted effort of Ollie Perez or the fact that the early in the season reliable bullpen gave up big runs as Vitamin Pedro had the runs, it was the reaction of the dead manager walking after the loss, (this J-Man quote,  courtesy of Subway Squawkers):

You have to applaud the fight. We have, at least in these first 10 games, given ourselves a shot and haven’t been able to come away with anything significant. I think if we continue to do that, it will eventually turn for us. If we continue to keep this attitude and fight, and bring it every day, some things are going to start going our way.”

Now if the Mets were a 14 year old Babe Ruth team, that would be a good philosophy (As I’ve gotten a bit older and in my 11th season of managing youth baseball my demeanor has gone from a Billy Martin/Larry Bowa type personality to a Chuck Tanner type telling all my players how much I love having them on the team even when run like their carrying an Kenmore Fridge on their back and have no baseball sense whatsoever) but for a professional baseball team that told us all spring how this was a season of redemption and run commercials of believing in comebacks  (I would love to see a Mets commercial with manager Wally Backman, 3rd base coach Lenny Dykstra and pitching coach Bobby Ojeda all saying WE BELIEVE IN TOTAL ASS KICKING) as Subway Squawker Jon Levin points out is very Art Howe-ish. We lived through that dead manager era once already; I’m not up to second version of it now.

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  1. How come Frenchy isn’t hitting Cleanup? Doghouse? Not a Mendoza type? Maybe if he gets his average up over .500 he will.

  2. Steve,

    This site is my sanity and you do a great job, but PLEASE don’t ever post a picture of that LOSER again! It makes my stomach turn to see that man. Jerry is quickly approaching that status, too. Here’s what I don’t get. We all know where this is going. The team will continue to play shitty baseball, and Jerry will get the axe. Why wait until the season is lost and they’re 15 under on Memorial Day? Does the organization want another lost season? I don’t think they can survive it and maintain a strong fan base.

  3. This is such an exciting time for the Mets.

    They are on the precipice.

    I eagerly await the start of the championship season.

  4. Will Betheboy says:

    “You have to applaud the fight” sounds very Richie Kotite of Jerry.

    Davy Johnson never patted the team on the back for playing hard, Bobby V never did either, same goes for Gil Hodges.

    Putting up a fight isn’t admirable, it’s in the job description. Of course I see the team is fighting but I’m not taking any comfort in it; not from a so called big league team.

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