Sure we are all giddy about the Mets 2-1 win but if you sit down and think about it for a moment, yesterday/last night’s game should have your Blue and Orange blood near a boil and not just because we had to endure nearly seven hours of Tim Mc Fullofshit.

While everyone is killing the Stinkin’ Genius for using position players on the mound over men who make their living at the art or for sending those artist to hit in key spots, what those actions screamed out to me was, LaRussa has absolutely no respect for the New York Mets. We all joke on how TLR tries be Belichick like in his approach to baseball but can you tell me if he was playing the Cubs or Phillies he’d have managed the same way? Hell no.

TLR showed you what he thought of the Mets offense by using Felipe Lopez and Jeff Mather to pitch and pitcher Kyle Lohse to play LF. LaRussa was getting killed on Twitter last night and speaking of Twitter I believe I set a Twitter record for most un-follows in a single day as I just about told every Highlander fan who follows me and was rooting for the Cards to tie the score in the bottom of the 19th inning to go fuck themselves.  That’s why Highlander fans are the Ass Hats of Baseball Fans.

Oh yeah where was I, yes TLR getting his ass handed to him on Twitter because he lifted Matt Holiday in the 10th but it seemed that Holiday was weak from the flu and just could not continue. This is crazy, me defending TLR so let me get back to reality and skew his ass for letting Yadier Molina catch 20 innings and not using backup Brain Anderson earlier. However I hope Molina has temporary paralysis today and can’t get out of bed. My sympathy for Yadier Molina has a shelf life of five minutes.

Now to our resident genius J-Man. Nice job having Frankie Rodz warm up for eight innings and have him leave his best stuff in the bullpen. As for the Seth Everett report about Mets players not happy with J-Man, don’t kill the messenger. Every player that Everett mentioned did have a beef with the Warlord. Johan Santana, who was not only outstanding on the mound yesterday but gets bows and salutations for remaining on the bench for the whole game and he even wore a rally cap. Big Pelf had his on to but I think he wears is hat like that all the time. Jerry Manuel skipped over Santana for an extra day to let Ollie Perez pitch, rightfully so, Johan was not happy. You do not skip over your Ace unless said Ace request the extra day. Knowing Santana, he’d like to start every other day. Jose Reyes was named in the report as well. Reyes just back from missing just about all of last season and the later part of spring training and is not 100 % at the plate. It would have been best to let him play a few more extended spring games but these are desperate times in Metsville so Reyes did not get much hitting rehab done. So while he tries to get his stroke back, Manuel floats the idea to hit him third. Reyes won’t come out publicly and say what he feels but with trying to get back into baseball shape that last thing he wants or needs is to be moved to the most important spot in the lineup at this time. The thing that makes you wonder about Manuel’ thinking is when Luis Castillo said he was not comfortable batting 8th J-Man stopped hitting him 8th. I would think Jose Reyes carries more clout than the Tree Stump. John Maine, disgusted with himself over his piss poor pitching performances hears from the scribes that his pitching life is on the line as per the Warlord. Finally showing some piss and vinegar, Maine marched into Manuel’s office for some answers. Good to see a pulse their John Boy. As for Frenchy? He just a yenta he can’t help himself. Frenchy reminds me of the old ladies on my block as a kid who would open their windows all the way and put a pillow over the sill and watch everyone’s comings and goings and report the news of the street to the other house frows . That’s Frenchy. All that’s missing are humongous boobs and a house dress.

Now this not to say that Seth Everett broke a story here like the Yenta said, he was never in the locker room or at the ball park so most likely Everett is reading all the Mets blogs for his info and of course he’ll never give us credit.

How about the heart of the Mets batting order, Wright-Bay-Yenta going a combined 1 for 20. I’m pretty sure if Jason Bay struck out for the fifth time in the game, his contract would have automatically voided. After Alex Cora’s great catch at in foul territory, John Rico and Sandy Johnson had to tie up Omar Minaya as Omar was ready to extend Cora’s deal for five years.

Judging by Ruben Valdes running the bases yesterday I guess the idea of sliding pits never reached Cuba.

Angel Pagan went 3 for 6 yesterday, the best hitting line on the team, look for GMJ to play the next three games.

Lost in all the hubbub of yesterday was that this was the third straight game the Mets got a top starting performance from a starting pitcher. How about Big Pelf and win and a save in the last three days. I’m rooting hard for John Maine tonight, because with all the bullshit aside it comes down to this team getting pitching. The bullpen has been great but overworked if the starters get deeper into games the next week or so to give the pen a little time to rejuvenate this season can get turned around. See this what happens when you watch a 2-1, 20 inning, 6 hr. 53 min baseball game with Tim McFullofshit talking out his ass, you suffer from McFullofshit Fatigue Syndrome.

That’s why it was damn shame yesterday/last night’s game was not on SNY just to hear Keith Hernandez bitch and moan and of course it would have been the best opportunity for him to scream out a profanity.

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