As we sit here waiting for the Ike Davis Era to begin, let’s look at the trickle down effect of the promotion of Davis to everyday first baseman’s job with the Mets.

Mike Jacobs was DFA’d and for a guy who was cut by the KC Royals and NY Mets within a few months, he still has a high opinion of himself. Jacobs has made it known that he will not accept a job with the Buffalo Bisons if it means grabbing some pine. Jacobs is hardly in a position to dictate when and where he’ll play, but with Davis coming up there is an opening for first base and Jacobs fits fine there, if that’s not good enough for Jacobs, well then good riddance.

Now if Jacobs takes the assignment to Buffalo, how long will it last ? It all depends on how Davis fits in Queens. If Ike is what we think he’ll be, then when Daniel Murphy comes back from his knee injury, then Murph needs to go to Buffalo to become a super.  What a better place and time for Murph to work on playing outfield, 2b and 1st base, hell you might as well grab a catchers mitt and learn that position to as an emergency catcher. Hey you never know when your team will play a 20 inning game your versatility will come in handy.

With the front office finally realizing that this is the dawning of the age of Ike Davis, there needs to be a few more moves to that would show that the front office is serious about getting this sink ship right. Please enough of Gary Mathews Jr. I don’t care how cheap his labor costs are enough is enough. Angel Pagan should be planted everyday in CF case closed. Bring up Chris Carter. Send down Jenry Meija for the good of the organization and let him start so at least by the All Star break you could put him in the rotation.

While were making alterations why not bring up Bison’s pitching coach Rickey Bones and reassign Old School Dan Werthen some where in the organization. It’s time for a shake up.

You want to fire Jerry Manuel ? I won’t shed a tear especially when you bat Frank Catalanotto clean up (rumor has it Ron Washington called Manuel while watching the game last night to ask him if he was high) but if you tell me Bob Melvin is the replacement, I say why bother. Bob Melvin is just J-Man without the jokes. We all know who should be given the job.

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  1. Excellent analysis!

    We’re an organization on the move.

    I eagerly await the start of the championship season.

  2. What will your reaction be if Davis is brought up and he stinks?

  3. Typical Mets, all teh drama now we put all this pressure on a rookie. We do it every time. No sneaking him in give him a chance to stay under the rader. BAM you’re in kid I know we have guys making 15 Mil a year here but YOU are the saviour. Just fucking stupid……….

  4. And why can’t we see Tejada at second, Thole behind the plate, Mejia in the rotation, and Martinez in CF??? An absolute joke of an organization.

  5. Jay Baumann says:

    Hojo was a great player that we all liked .But , should we place some blame on him for the dismal hitting . David Wright is no longer a star .Everyone seems to be having a lot of bad at bats . Our performance with bases loaded is not natural ( also just having runners on ).

    Also , how about switching Reyes with Tejada for a few weeks . Let Jose have his spring training in Buffalo.

    I agree with Paul’s comment about Davis .

    I don’t know how the Wilpons got rich . They don’t seem to be competent to build an organization.

    Please no Bobby .The Mets collapsed every year he was manager.We lucked into WS and got embarassed by Yankees.

  6. kranepool says:

    Mary, odds are that Ike Davis won’t “stink” in fact just his glove at 1st base is a huge improvment over anyone the Mets have put there in years. I’m not expecting Davis to be the savior of the season this organization needs a lot more than Ike Davis to get on the right track but at least I am now excited about watching this team play,

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