I wonder if Theo Epstein in the privacy of his domicile, switches his Extra Innings package over to SNY to root for the Mets ? The Mets right now are playing the way Epstein had hoped his Red Sox would when he ran all his statistical analysis that told him pitching and defense is the way to go. Right now the Mets are fueled on that formula.

When you compare the Mets up the middle versus the Red Sox up the middle the only position the Mets lose out on is second base. Even with a healthy Mike Cameron would you take him over Angel Pagan? Forget a healthy Beltran (I won’t link to the Munchkin’s story but he thinks that the Beltran contract is bad for the Mets, this from a guy who has been mailing it in for the past ten years, who stopped attending the events he writes about, and treats his colleagues like shit. If anything Mike Lupica has been stealing from Mort Zuckerman for years ) and the catchers spot, Theo would be beaming if he had the tandem of Barajas/Blanco behind the plate.

With all the fun and frolic over the last week or so of Mets baseball, when was the last time we saw a Braves team this bad? Maybe back when Ted Turner started they games on TBS at 7:35PM ? I have never seen a Bobby Cox team play so badly, I ain’t complaining, just a bit taken back.

I agree with Christopher Guy of Mets Minor League Blog, it’s time to bring up Dillon Gee and let him start over John Maine.  Not only is Maine hurting physically but these interviews with him are painful to watch, the guy is a mess physically and emotionally . Put him on the 15 day DL and send him to St Lonesome to get his game and head in order and as for the spot on the 40 man roster for Gee, I think it safe to say the Mets can put Kelvin Escobar on the 60 day DL to free up a spot.

I am really starting to worry about David Wright. Forget the home runs he’s not hitting doubles either and the one thing he was doing, getting on base via walks, has dried up as well.  Maybe it time to move him to the 2 hole with Castillo leading off (if the Reyes in the 3rd spot continues) some kind of shake up with Wright is needed as a lot of Mets fan are starting to feel he’s not the go to guy on this team anymore.

Mets management should do everyone a favor and call tonight’s game now. Not only is raining but it’s cold and the forecast for tonight is for rain and 50 degrees. Folks have to go to work and school tomorrow and if it was a comfortable night you wouldn’t mind but to be cold and wet, I don’t think so. So if you do play the game tonight, be prepared for the national audience to see 25,000 or so empty seats at $iti Field.

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  1. I have said this over, and over, again that Wright is not right since he got hit in the head last year.

    He seems to have a very big mental reflection (and some times it can be seen) of his fear of the pitch most of the time coming at him, instead of over the plate.

    Some how he still seems to be afraid of it.

  2. Wright’s problems were apparent before the beaning. Someone said on WFAN that he was better under Down, and has plummeted since HoJo became hitting coach. Tough to say it, Mets fans, but maybe the guy on WFAN was right.

  3. I don’t know. Wasn’t Wright hitting well in Spring Training? If yes, then how could he have been unafraid then, but afraid now? I can’t help thinking that the stadium is still in his head. He needs a six week road trip.

    Anyway, I didn’t see last night’s game, a rain-shortened win in front of a bunch of empty seats (were they?) ain’t bad.

    You think that Cox maybe shoulda retired before this year?

  4. David Wright has the worst swing in all of baseball. That being said he has managed to do well with it.However, Citifield is the dumbest stadium I have ever seen. Francouer hit a bomb the other night and it lands at the base of the wall. The entire thing is kind of rediculous and needs to be changed.

  5. I think Marlon Byrd also hit a mammoth long fly out the other night, no? I actually prefer the kind of baseball that CitiField promotes: pitching, speed & defense. Wright can play there, but he’s got to accept that 15 HR’s is where he should be aiming. He needs to just focus on hitting well, hitting those huge power alleys.

    Di Maggio was successful in Yankee Stadium despite the huge left-center & center field. Wright can do it too, if he gets his head right.

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