We have not had much to be happy about around here in awhile and believe me I want to dance a jig in a blue and orange kilt but I have to step back a bit and look over this week of prosperity and critique it just a bit.

The play of the game last night was in the top of the 4th inning, when Ollie Perez was imploding on the mound, and Jerry Manuel bolted out of the dugout and raised his left arm like he was hailing a cab to take OP to LaGuardia to get on a Delta Shuttle flight to Buffalo. The only thing missing was Manuel having a packed suitcase and plane ticket in his right hand. After the game, Manuel talked how Perez will make his next start but with Perez and today’s starter John Maine being ineffective, I’m sure Manuel is singing a different tune to Omar.

I know if I were the manager, I’d let the GM know, “if you don’t find me another starting pitcher, then get used to seeing me with a Grand Marshall sash across my uniform as I lead a parade of relievers to the mound” in fact if John Maine starts sucking in the 3rd inning of today’s game, I hope J-Man comes out again with his arm held high.  Omar has a choice, let the manager run the bullpen into the ground or find a starter (Dillon Gee) in the bushes or make a trade for an at least league average starting pitcher.

I’ve never been a big fan of St. Joseph of Torre but watching him in the Dodger dugout last night, I felt sorry for him. With the towel around his neck and that slow gait of his, he looks like a guy at the end of the line and between the McCourt divorce and the poor play of his team, by July Torre could be ready to hand over the reigns of the team to Don Mattingly.

I’m not going to link to the story but if Ken Rosenthal has nothing else to write about  when it comes to the Mets but bat shit crazy Tony Bernazard,   then maybe it’s time Rosenthal thought about another line of work.

Toby Hyde has a great write up on the Mets minor league teams from last night. Two things stand out, Dillon Gee got roughed up for the first time this year and Fernando Martinez did not play as he has a strained back. One injury F-Mart will never get is a groin strain as the kid has no balls.

I don’t want to piss in the punch but I think a little bit of Angel Pagan is good, a lot of Angel Pagan ? Not so good. Problem is the alternative, GMJ, shouldn’t even be in the big leagues. Free Chris Carter.

Almost game time, better man up today John Maine!!!!!!

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