When it came time to step up, John Maine did just that. Or maybe it was the fear of seeing Jerry Manuel yank Ollie Perez after 3.2 innings that scared Maine straight or should I say scared the movement out him as Maine, still unable to hit 90 mph on the radar gun with his fastball, had his fastball dancing like Bo jangles Robinson. It was a fine piece of pitching by Maine.

I’m sure we can all agree that it’s “the pitching stupid” that has set off this Mets revival, but don’t overlook the aggressive way the team plays on defense and on the bases. The team is starting to figure out how to use the vast gaps of the $iti Field outfield. The players have adopted this terrific bust your ass attitude when it comes to base running. Balls hit in the gap are not taken for granted as before. How many times last year did we see Mets batters hit one to gap and watch them jog into second base? Now the mindset is go for three. This might backfire once in a awhile but most times this aggressive type of base running will pay great dividends. At least once this year, Frenchy will throw someone out on at 1st base on one hopper to RF.

I will concede that Daniel Murphy’ days as Mets first base man are over. But what has me pissed is Mets fans acting like Murphy is a leper. When Ty Wigington was a Met he was a folk hero and Murphy is cut from the same blue collar cloth as Wiggy. When he gets healthy, Murphy will play in some extended spring games and then do some rehab games at Bingo or Buffalo. I would think the plan is to make Murphy into a super sub where he can fill in at LF, or 2nd, 3rd or 1B. Yes I know Murphy was awful in left field but working in the minors and with the work ethic he has I’m sure he could become serviceable in the outfield. I guess all you Murphy haters enjoy watching Frank Catalanotto.

Remember Mike Bacsik who pitched for the Mets back in 2001-2002 ? Bacsik came to the Mets as part of the Robbie Alomar deal with the Indians. Bacsik had a nondescript career with the Mets and his claim to fame up until a few days ago was giving up Barry Bonds 756th home run. I saw Bacisk’ name on Twitter so I started following him and found out that he was a sportstalk radio host and show producer, was is the key word as Bacsik was canned from his job at KTCK in Dallas. Bacsik lost his job due to his rants on his private Twitter page during the Mavs-Spurs game the other night. I saw some of Bacsik’ Tweets that night and they were quite amusing especially his complaints about the officiating of the Mavs-Spurs playoff series in which he Tweeted about NBA Commish David Stern and his refs sucking. It was when Bacsik Tweeted about the “dirty Mexicans” in San Antonio that he got his ass in a sling. Bacsik claims he was at a bar and drinking heavily while watching the game and Tweeting. So if anything Bacsik is guilty of TUI, Tweeting Under the Influence. Bacsik is hoping to get his job back though by playing the Rickey Bobby card, asking the little baby Jesus for forgiveness.

The Mets and NY Water Taxi have brought back the service to $iti Field after a one year hiatus. This was my favorite mode of transportation to Shea. It took a bit longer than by car but it was much more enjoyable. When I saw they were bringing the service back and it was free I was jumping for joy but then I read the fine print, the boat is a one way trip. Why? The best part of the ride was the return trip. You could sit outside have a cold drink and just chill. My guess is the free one way trip is a way to gauge interest in fans taking the water taxi to the game and maybe after a few trips one way and having to fight the crowds of the 7 train back to the city, fans will clamor for round trip service and not mind paying a fee. I hope it happens as I’d be a frequent sailor.

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  1. David in Manhattan says:

    Hey hey, I have been away since The DL Disaster of 2009, and so sweet to see how in 2010 our boys are using the Citi Field proportions to our advantage, as the triples, the pitching and defense heroics, and the wins mount up.

    Give us Beltran back and a bit of production from the catcher slot, this team could make it very interesting this year, especially if all season long it can parlay the Citi Field dimensions and high walls into a consistent home field advantage… as it has this past week… and win close to half the road games.

    This series in Philthy will be interesting.

  2. I don’t have access to WFAN or other Met fans so I’ll have to take your word for it, but I really can’t understand why any fans would hate Murphy. I fully expect him to be a decent bat off the bench.

    Would be great if he could play 3rd on occasion.

  3. I agree that Murph should have a spot. I’d give him Catalanotto’s spot in a heartbeat. I think they will, as Long-Island Frank has done nothing to distingish himself.

    I’m holding to my 83-79 prediction. They’d have to basically split the next 141 (yes, I know that is an odd number). This week has been fun, and they’re only 4 over. After all the misery of 2009, it shows you how just a little winning can go a long way.

  4. The Dude says:

    I went to the NY Times’ conversation with Ron Darling last night in Manhattan. An audience member asked about Beltran and Darling said not to expect him back any time soon – in kind of an ominous way.

    I don’t know what the latest official word is from the Mets (didn’t read the papes today) but Darlo’s tone seemed like post all-star break to me.

  5. kranepool says:

    Eagle, Mets fans are pumped up about Ike Davis and rightfully so. I shouldn’t say most Mets fans are down on Murphy but a lot of the WFAN callers have gone anti-Murphy

  6. Oh well, WFAN callers are cranks. They live to be annoyed. That’s why most of them are Yankee fans – they’re almost always annoyed.

  7. kranepool says:

    Eagle your so right about the WFAN callers. When ever the topic is on the Mets the Highlander fans can’t wait to call a add their two cents, its the same when you go to Citi Field and the Mets are playing say the Cubs or the Padres, you see Highlander fans coming to the game decked out in Highlander gear. I was on line at the Shake Shack last game I went to and a guy next to me was dressed in JETER 2 jersey with a Highlander hat so I asked him if he got on the wrong train? He looked at me like “what are you talking about” ? So I said you know this is the Mets home park he said yeah so? I just shook my head. Like I say Highlander fans are not the brightest bulbs.

  8. Paul L. says:

    Krane, Murphy is not a blue collar guy. He clearly admitted he never worked on his fielding just hitting. Murphy should be put in Buffalo at 3b, hit like crazy and traded for a second baseman.

  9. kranepool says:

    Paul I STRONGLY disagree with you on Murphy. One of the reasons I’m rooting hard for him is every game I went to last year I’d watch him work with Razor Shines on fly balls and ground balls no one is saying that Murph is a glove man but when I guy works hard before games while his teammates are lounging in the clubhouse and the fact that he went to spring training well before he needed to report to work with Keith Hernandez speaks volumes of his work ethic.

  10. Paul L. says:

    No its speaks of him wanting to be on the roster. If he had a work ethic he would have a position already. BTW, that wasnt my quote that was his where he said he never worked on defense in college or before. Also what I am saying is, his best value to us is as a hitter. Hit at AAA play a decent 3rd then we trade for a piece we need. All Im saying…….He can go on to being an all star after that doesnt matter its what value he is to us.

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