At the end of the day, you know what I mean, it is what it is, at the end of the day that is”

From the Tao of Omar

If you came here to day for an explanation on the moves made by Jerry Manuel, well, you came to the wrong place. How do you explain taking out David Wright for Fernando Tatis ? By saying Tatis is the emergency 3rd catcher? Well, fine but how do you justify keeping GMJ in the game in left field? How do you justify GMJ being on this team?  

The shame here is the waste of good pitching by the Mets with this anemic offense, The Jose Reyes experiment as the 3 hitter should end right now. I don’t know if it’s a matter of not being comfortable in that spot or if it’s just that Reyes was rushed back, whatever it is something’s not right with Reyes. So put him back on the top of the order. I hate to go after Luis Castillo as he is the only one other than Wright who actually gets on base, but he’s not even a banjo hitter at this point, he’s more ukulele at this point, so drop him to 8th .  Rod Barajas has the hot power bat so keep in the 7 spot. As for Jason Bay, there is no sense in benching him, this is a bad slump for sure but if you did give him a day or two off who do you replace him with ? The Mets bench sucks, except for Hank White.  So what to do, well here would be my lineup for Friday vs the Giants










I know that Manuel likes to spilt up left/right but you don’t have personnel for that set up. By letting Davis hit 5th that’s the best you can do to keep from tipping too much to the right.

The biggest knock I have with management is the lack of creativity. As I stated ,the Mets bench is awful. Mets fans want GMJ gone and I agree but Frank Catalanotto is just as bad and needs to go as well. Daniel Murphy is a long way from getting back to Flushing so he’s not an option right now. But Chris Carter is an option right now. Carter can’t do anymore than he’s doing in Buffalo and with GMJ proving the Angles right in giving him away, it reeks of penny pinching that GMJ is not shown the door and Carter is not given a  shot with the big league team. I have no problem keeping Tatis as he had value as a pinch hitter and can fill in any where on the field.

How about going after Matt Stairs of the Padres ? or Mark Kotsay of the White Sox or Scott Podsednik and Willie Bloomquist of the Royals. Time for Omar and Manuel to stop with all the double talk jive bullshit and shake this offense up. If neither guy is up to the job then get out and let someone in who can. No team is going to run away with the NL east nor the Wild Card, it’s time to get aggressive.

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  1. You have to rest your frontline guys SOMETIMES, You could argue that playing to win a series is not the time but lets face it they did have a chance to win but gave it up in the bullpen.

    The only move I question is that once Reyes failed to get on base, They should have let Takahashi hit. He is the one solid bullpen guy who can go multiple innings and scoreless. Especially after that 20 inning game we need to keep a guy like him in there until there is a real possibility to win the game.

  2. kranepool says:

    Metsie, You do have to rest your frontline guys but you need better reinforcments than what the Mets have on hamd now. After loising the series to Philly a series win in Cincy would have taken the sting off that. Can’t blame the pen as Nieve and Felicano play everyday it’s bound to catch up with them besides, the offense stinks with RISP

  3. You have to play your regulars like rented mules that you beat, because the bench is full of Mendoza liners who won’t produce in the long run. Be aware, if we want changes, the team and gate receipts have to hit rock bottom. In the long run, the team wins, we lose. The team loses, we win, if you ant changes.

  4. THANK YOU!!!!!! When I suggested Pagan and Reyes up top and Castillo eigth, others nasty-grammed me. You put your speed up top and your Sally hitters 8th, like Bud was for much, not all, of his career. And, yes, you DFA Catalanotto, GMJ, and I would DFA Tatis, too. Bring up Carter and get a utility man, like Podsednik, with SPEED. SPEED off the bench counts.

  5. Michael says:

    I wanted to post here earlier but I was the victim of a double switch.

  6. Another good one, Michael.

  7. kranepool says:

    A Ruth-ian line by Michael !!!

  8. While I agree our Bench players are best served ON the Bench you can’t really blame Manuel for that. He didn’t pick these guys and he needs to work with what he has!

    The point I was making was even with those Bench guys in we had a decent shot of winning that game!
    I wasn’t trying to indicte the bullpen, just pointing out that we didn’t actually lose due to the bench guys being on the field.

    Yes Nieve and Feliciano are being overused which is why I said that when Reyes failed to get on we should have let the pitcher hit because he has been exceptional in long relief and was the best chance to keep the opposition scoreless until such time as we got the lead so K-Rod could come in and close it out.

    If you want to take Manual to task for subbing then take him to task for not leaving Takahashi in and resting two guys who REALLY needed the rest!

    You can’t play your regulars to death or injury just because our Bench doesn’t scare anyone but us. We need these frontline guys to be strong at the end of the season and healthy so we don’t find ourselves running out of Gas in September the way we did in 2007 and 2008.

    And personally after seeing Wrights last at bat in that game I fully supported replacing him. It was one of the worst at bats I have ever seen!
    If we are going to be contenders we are going to have to win games like this with our bench and despite all the substitutions we were still in the game!

  9. that could be the line of the year: “our bench doesn’t scare anyone but us.” Sad but true.

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