First things first, Happy Mothers Day Let’s hope the Mets bring you a nice sweep of the Giants as a Mothers Day gift.

Nice to see Mike Piazza wants to go into the Hall of Fame as a Met and quite frankly he should. Even though I’m not a big Piazza fan (I’ll still take Jerry Grote over him forget the offense Grote was a real leader and was second only to Johnny Bench who I consider the greatest catcher ever, in his era) but it would be nice to see a Mets cap on his HOF plaque.

Just to let you know the Mets are the talk of the town once again. Yesterday before our Babe Ruth game there was more talk of the Barajas walk off than their was about who we were playing. !4 boys some Mets fans some Highlander fans all agreed on one thing, just once in their lives they’d love to hit a walk off homer, not a Little League homer but a real over the fence win the game homer. Same thing last night when I went to a father-daughter dinner-dance at my daughter’s school, the dads some Mets most Highlander were talking about the Mets back to back, catcher to catcher walk off home run wins.

Wayne Coffey has a great story on Highlander trainer Gene Monahan and his fight with throat cancer. Put your fan allegiance aside and pray for Geno.

Hank White takes a pie from Alex Cora after his walk off blast. Who will be the hero today (I Like Ike)

LMillz got caught again with his head down the other night thinking he had a home run when it hit off the wall. Milledge thought it was a grand slam his first in the bigs,  the Pirate and Cubs announcers thought is was gone, the guys who sets off the fireworks and play the music at PNC  Park thought it was gone, but as Milledge styled around second base Alfonso Soriano threw the ball in from left field to shortstop Ryan Thierot which stunned Milledge, as he ran back to 2nd base Thierot threw to Jeff Baker who tagged Millz out.

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  1. Macdanny says:

    Milledge getting thrown out is a great contrast to Hank White (as you say) checking with the 2B ump that it was out enroute to his walk off. One a pro, the other a pretender.

  2. Michael says:

    “Wayne Coffey has a great story on Highlander trainer Gene Monahan and his fight with throat cancer. Put your fan allegiance aside and pray for Geno.”

    Well put, babe.

  3. Paul L. says:

    Krane, you’re killing me. I’ve been screaming for Grote for years. Love that man. Watching him against Lou Brock was as exciting as it gets. I couldc are less about Piazza…never got us the ring doesnt lead the Mets in any categories so whatever. Plus backing down from Clemens not sure any 86 Met would have done that. When you think you are that important to the team then there is an issue. Anyway reason for my post. Why in the world would Jerry Manuel pat Ollie on the back today when he took him out. Talk about the wrong message to send. If you want to be their friend then you are not their leader.

  4. Michael says:

    Man, Ollie has to rid himself of that weird facial hair. Wouldn’t be tolerated in The Bronx. (Neither would his pitch counts)

  5. Paul L. says:

    BTW, stop picking on Milledge. Willie said he was a good kid remember……….

  6. Before picking the Mets, Piazza thought about asking for a Marlins cap. “Best week of my life,” he mused.

    I’ll take Frenchy in the walk-off pool. That is, if I can’t have Josh Thole.

    Best to Geno. Once cancer’s involved, everyone’s on the same team.

  7. Grote was the most underrated Met every…….but lets not try and paint Piazza as ChooChoo Coleman – he was an offensive threat most of the time. Very clutch

  8. kranepool says:

    Piazza is first ballot HOF’er for sure but I’d take Grote, Bench and Munson over him any day. Just my opinion

  9. Paul L. says:

    @kranepool – And there were no steroids around when they played……just sayin….

  10. Paul L. says:

    @Bud – Thank God for steroids……….when you are a 66th round pick you’ll do anything……..

  11. kranepool says:

    Paul I hear what ya sayin’ ; )

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