The easy thing to do today is to pile on David Wright for his hat trick strikeout night and his throwing error that cost the Mets the game last night but I’m not hopping on that band wagon. I’m not saying there isn’t anything wrong with Wright, there is as his strikeout rate makes Dave Kingman look like Rod Carew and his defense has been sub-par,  maybe he is still spooked by the beaning he took from Matt Cain last season, maybe HoJo has done more harm than good with his work with Wright. I have no idea what’s keeping Wright from busting out, maybe another season of shouldering the burden of carrying the offense is too much of a beast of burden, maybe there is something physically wrong that he’s not talking about or maybe there is something going on in his personal life that’s eating at him, I’m just a fan like you so I have no answer but the sad part of this is the manager and front office have no clue on what’s wrong with Wright, and that is the biggest part of the problem.

J-Man after the game last night hinted that he felt Wright needs a day or two off and Wright responded with a loud “Hell No” so it’s good to see he still has a flame burning and I agree with Wright for two reasons, one as long as he is healthy physically and mentally then leave him in the lineup, and two, who the hell will fill in a 3rd base? Fernando Tatis? Alex Cora? Please?

Yesterday I started a bit of a shit storm on Twitter taking on our fellow Mets fans of the sabrmetric ilk. My main contention was Jose hasn’t  blossomed into the elite player I thought he would be. Now I know I’m not alone in this thinking as we have seen the brilliance of Reyes game and especially after the 2006 season when at the age of 23 Jose banged out 19 HR and 84 RBI from the lead off spot.  Add in 17 3B 64 SB and amazing range at shortstop why wouldn’t I think that Reyes would become an elite player, a player who would be in the MVP talk for the next 10 years especially as he overcame his hamstring problems and was filling out physicaly.  It hasn’t happen. That’s not to say he’s not a top ML’er as was misconstrued by my Twitter fans, but he has not jumped to that elite level, he’s still young enough and talented  enough to do make it to that level but quite frankly I’m not as optimistic as I was before that he will.

I am listening to Mikhail Porokhorov  on WFAN and if I ever were to meet this man I would throw myself at his feet and plead with him to buy the Mets.

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  1. Steve,

    That wasn’t what the discussion on Reyes was about. It was whether he was an elite player in 2006, 2007 and 2008. I used stats (WAR, for example) to show that he was among the top 20 most valuable players each of those seasons. He was just as good, or better, in 2007 and 2008 as he was in 2006. The main difference was team performance in those years. The discussion, on my end at least, had nothing to do with Reyes’s “elite” status these days, which clearly he isn’t. A pedantic discussion, to be sure, but just wanted to clarify what it was all about.

    I think you should take your eyes off the calculator and on to the Twitter screen! :)

  2. Wasn’t Reyes on that PED Doctor from Canada client list? Just wondering.

  3. Krane, I have come around to your (and my brothers’) way of thinking. Injuries aside, Reyes, has never gotten any better as a ball player. He is the same player, in his mental approach to the game as he was a 21 year old. The rest of the game has made the adjustments around him, and he has not made any improvements to his game. How is it that he has not parked his rear end in front of Rod Carew’s house and written him a blank check, and pleaded with him to teach him how to bunt? With as bad as they have been over the last three years (various reasons) when the manager said he wanted to try him in the third spot, the response should have been, if the manager wanted me to play naked, all I want to do is win, I don’t what has to be done to win. He has gone back to the upper cut swing that made him ineffective. Manuel clearly, did not emphasize to him, it does not matter what spot in the line-up you hit, approach it like you are leading off. He is WAY TOO mentally fragile. Sadly, he has gone from what should have been a dominant player to good ball player who should be better.

    As for the 3rd baseman, while I applaud his hell no, I don’t need a day off attitude, I would applaud even louder if he would start thinking that an RBI is far more important than a home run. This would cut down on his swing and the strike outs. Doubles and triples are just fine. Once again, the only stat that really matters is “W”s.

  4. Is there anyone out there who was not 100% sure DW would K against Wagner? I would have bet my house on it.

    PLEASE beat Livan-I really don’t like that guy. Angel is having one hell of a game!

  5. kranepool says:

    James and to your point I added that Reyes has never taken his game to the level it was from 2006-2008 and being that he had fantastic seasons during that we all felt that since he was no where near his peak years how much better he’d be by this time in his career and it hasn’t happened. As you say that was the halcyon days of the Minaya Era and Reyes was the catalyst of those squads and I just wonder if he’ll ever get back to that level of play again

    I’m more of an abacus man than calculator !

  6. Paul L. says:

    Mark it down. David Wright uses too big a bat and Jose Reyes will break down like a 78 Pinto come September 1st.

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