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Cialis and ketoconazole There is nothing easy with these Mets. Cialis and ketoconazole Johan Santana was vintage Santana last night but no Mets game is complete until we have the late inning Relievers on Parade with your Grand Marshall Jerry Manuel. Cialis and ketoconazole Instead of a warm up jacket and Mets cap, cialis and ketoconazole Manuel should wear blue and orange tuxedo with tails, cialis and ketoconazole a top hat and sash.

Cialis and ketoconazole I won’t say J-Man manages scared but this is the problem when you have a lame duck manager, cialis and ketoconazole every game is a referendum on his job. Cialis and ketoconazole Mets beat Highlanders and I expect Ryan Seacrest to pop up on SNY to say the “the votes are in, cialis and ketoconazole and Jerry you are safe to advance to the Phillies series” which of course is 100 times more important than the played out Subway Series . Cialis and ketoconazole Sure it’s good to beat the Taliban of Baseball but the real enemy is making its way up the Jersey Turnpike for three big games.

Cialis and ketoconazole You have to be encouraged by the pitching match up for the Mets in this up coming series. Cialis and ketoconazole First, cialis and ketoconazole no John Maine or Ollie Perez as R.A. Cialis and ketoconazole Dickey and Hisinori Takahashi are both upgrades over those two stumble bums, cialis and ketoconazole as Dickey will go against Jamie Moyer and Takahashi gets Joe Blanton, cialis and ketoconazole then on Wednesday Big Pelf takes on Sissy-Boy Hamels.

Cialis and ketoconazole There’s no question the Mets need another starter (Mark Buehrle anyone?) but just the fact that Maine and Perez are out of the rotation is a plus as Dickey and Takahashi can not be as bad or worse than the later two.

Cialis and ketoconazole I hate talking bad about Joe Morgan, cialis and ketoconazole as he is one of my favorite players of all time but between him, cialis and ketoconazole John Miller and Orel Hershiser they could make you hate watching baseball. Cialis and ketoconazole Morgan with his “the more runs you score the better your odds of winning the game” analysis reminds me of Chauncey Gardiner. Cialis and ketoconazole Maybe if John Miller took time away from looking in the mirror while working on his exaggerated pronunciation of Latin surnames (he had to bring up Carlos Beltran just so he could say Bel-TRAN) he’d have gotten the ground rule right on the overly annoying Francisco Cervelli’ 335 ft single, cialis and ketoconazole the orange line is just for show John Mi-LLER. Cialis and ketoconazole The Bulldog doesn’t annoy me but after Morgan and Miller my head just goes numb.

Cialis and ketoconazole Could the Mets being getting another break with Luis Castillo sore heel? With Ruben Tejada playing well at Buffalo, cialis and ketoconazole trip to the DL for Castillo could force a promotion of Tejada to step into the 2nd base position and free up Alex Cora to do his leadership thing.

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