Here we go again. Just when it looked like the season was slipping away the message out of $iti Field is “not so fast my pessimistic Mets fan” this could be the start of an exciting summer.

I want to dance up and down and shoot middle fingers at the rest of the NL but I can’t because this team still has needs and I’m not confident that ownership will provide it.

It’s safe to assume that Jeffey Skill Sets is calling all the shots around here that Omar Minaya not only is under a gag order when it comes to speaking in public but his ability to make baseball moves has been clamped down as well. In a way Omar and Oliver Perez have a lot in common both have been rendered insignificant.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying this recent run of winning and solid baseball being played by the Mets but as Bobby Valentine says “you’re only as good as your next day starting pitcher” so today we’re in good shape with Big Pelf and tomorrow Johan Santana against the Brewski’s looks great as well, but when does the clock strike twelve on R.A. Dickey and the mystery fifth starter (playing the role of Jon Niese this weekend will be Fernando Nieve)?

At this point as much as I feel, along with what looks like the majority of Mets fans, that Jenry Mejia should have been working on his starting pitcher apprenticeship in the minors, at this point now let him stay with the big club as a reliever. Mejia seems to be settling in role of late inning man and the rest of the pen has been solid now that Igarashi is back so adding a solid starting pitcher should be paramount to management to go out and get.

So who is out there? As much as Roy Oswalt would be a huge acquisition between the money and cost in personnel and trying to get a deal done with Drayton McClain is almost impossible, I doubt that Oswalt will be Queens bound. Cliff Lee as a rental could be cost prohibitive as well.  If the front office could land Kevin Millwood, Mark Buehrle, or even Jake Westbrook it make a huge difference in solidifying the rotation and sending a message to the players and fan base that there is a real commitment to winning.

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  1. I am with you, we could use a starter and since it seems Oswalt would 1)not waive his no trade to play in Queens 2) houston wants more than oswalts worth, I am all for bringing in a Westbrook or Millwood type if for nothing else to just add depth to the rotation.

    We can’t assume that the Mets will not have an injury or need a spot starter at some point throughout this season. It would be nice to know we could than call on Dickey or Taka to make that start, not Neive or dare I say his name Ollie P.

    as always great post

  2. Michael says:

    Love the attitude that surrounds this team!

    I eagerly await the start of the championship season.

  3. Personally, if I have to trade for one of the mention guys, I prefer Burehle. Not going to cost as much as Lee, and if they really want Lee, show us your manhood guys, by not letting him go to the Bronx.

    P.S., I know it was only one week of home games, but man oh man, WHAT A SWEET WEEK IT WAS…end the season now, and just replay the last five games over and over again as Mets’ Classics.

  4. kranepool says:

    Michael I hope to see you at Jose Reyes Doo-Rag Day at $iti Field

  5. kranepool says:

    I’m for Burehle as well would love to get him in Flushing

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