Non-Mets fan ask all the time why do Mets fans put all the blame Jerry Manuel after every Mets loss? Well, we don’t put all the blame on Manuel and we don’t hold him accountable for every loss and last night’s 2-0 loss wasn’t his fault but he did make a big mistake by not letting Johan Santana pitch the 9th inning. Santana could have just as wel given up Corey Harts walk off homer but if he did so what. Santana is the ace of the staff and he should be treated as an ace. Forget pitch counts this isn’t Little League you need to have a feel for your pitchers and the feel last night was Santana was in a great grove.

That’s the biggest drawback with Manuel, look how long it took him realize the GMJ stinks and that Angel Pagan was more than capable of being the everyday CF’er? He still hasn’t figured out how to use Jenry Mejia all he knows is the young arm should be here and not in Buffalo starting. Manuel also has this mental block about whoever plays 2nd base must bat 2nd in the lineup. He also forced fed Jose Reyes into third hole with disastrous results and finally put Jose back where he belongs in the 1 hole and low and behold, Reyes has responded. For reason known only to Manuel, he trots out Jeff Francoeur every single game with his unsightly .218/.278/.364 hitting line. How does Omar or even Jeffey Skill Sets sit by and let Manuel play this automatic out every single game? FREE THE ANIMAL JERRY I’M BEGGGGGGGGGGGGGGING YOU!!!!

The Mets should still be riding the wave of the last home stand as you head into Milwaukee that fields a dead team in a dead ball park with not just your Ace but one of the top pitchers in baseball who pitches a gem but comes away with nothing. That sucks as did Jerry Manuel’s decisions last night.

The Mets will be wearing NEW YORK CUBANS uni’s tonight as a salute to the Negro Leagues. The Mets wore these once before I believe and I love these uni’s. I wish they would make a third jersey like these instead of those ugly ass black ones.

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  1. AMEN on the jersey comment.

  2. Agree on the ridiculous notion of “he who plays second must bat second”. I disagree on Frenchy. It sounds easy to put Carter in right, but the minute a misplayed ball results in 3 runs with the bases loaded, everyone would start screaming for Frenchy. The point is, Frenchy is stellar at two aspects of the game, defense and throwing. Carter is not clearly “plus” in any two of the five tools. I say keep Frenchy in, count on his D and his arm, and let him bat eight where any production is a bonus. Then, if a proven better option is available (I have man love for Carl Crawford) make the move in the off season. And yes, Crawford is such a good athlete he can play right.

    When Beltran comes back (did we have a guy by that name?), I say Pagan and Frenchy platoon in right to try to get the most of both of them. Pagan will play more since there are far more righties. That’s how I see it, even though no one actually asked.

  3. Not a straight platoon with Carter, but one game a week, would not kill anyone. Put me in the man love group with Crawford. It is not my money, but Cliff Lee & Craw free agents…

  4. Well, another brilliantly handled game by Manuel. Didn’t the Mets have a day off this week, where they could have used a knuckleballer to pitch on short rest? Not that is the reason they lost the game, but still did not help. I guess Nieve needed a second inning to prove to the Gangsta J that he had nothing. On a team with an overworked bullpen, tonight is exactly what the team needed. Nice thought process Jerry. Could not do anything about Friday, tip your cap to Gallardo, but tonight…and as I am sure that most of you know by now, as usual, Ollie P. announced his presence with his usual authority.

  5. Overnight and a game like yesterday still sticks in my craw. Another example of the Mets not being able to do what the rest of the world does, beat up on bullpens. And more ABs where swinging for the fences overrides contact, when contact is all that is needed, especially when down two runs.

  6. Once he clears waivers, sign Dontrelle Willis. With what we have now, it can’t hurt to have him. Make the roster spot by DFA’ing Ollie, who proved last night that the bullpen is not useful spot either.

  7. I bet you are sitting in your living room today in disbelief when you saw Tatis batting fourth…I know I was…un-ba-feaking-levable

    On another note, I agree Id like to see C.Carter get SOME playing time in RF. Especiallky since Francoeur is struggling so mightily.

    as always great post

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