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Cialis online canada Do we really hope that Carlos Beltran comes back this season? This is not an anti-Beltran post, cialis online canada I like Beltran and I am in no means joining the Beltran contract worst in Mets history club just the contrary, cialis online canada he was the player the Mets needed to have at the time he signed his deal and he has produced offensively and defensibly to be the best center fielder in baseball. Cialis online canada The reason I’m in no hurry to see him back is, cialis online canada I don’t see where he fits in with this Mets team.

Cialis online canada The Mets have gone from a collection of talent to a cohesive team. Cialis online canada Whereas the organization went out and brought in big names who made those names elsewhere (Glavine, cialis online canada Delgado, cialis online canada Martinez, cialis online canada Beltran to name four biggies) that Mets fans never warmed up to, cialis online canada now the fan base is giddy over the homegrown infield of Wright, cialis online canada Reyes, cialis online canada Tejada and Ike. Cialis online canada Mets fans are also rooting harder for Jon Niese to make his mark and are glowing over once removed Met farmhand, cialis online canada Angel Pagan who has played not only productive baseball but smart baseball as well.

Cialis online canada Even when it comes to who is the Ace of the Mets pitching staff, cialis online canada as much as we respect and hold Johan Santana in high regard to where he is his almost near home grown adulation, cialis online canada lots of Mets fans have anointed Mike Pelfrey as THE MAN for the Mets. Cialis online canada We have watched Pelfrey go from a gawky pitcher who likes to lick his hands and sometimes space out on the mound to a stud pitcher who’s starts are now a reason to either make it to the TV or drop all plans and head to $iti Field.   

Cialis online canada Jason Bay and Jeff Francouer have been big in this hot streak the Mets have been on this month but when you ask Mets fans about Bay they nod like “he’s ok” and Frenchy before this hot streak of his, cialis online canada Mets fans had him top of the non-tender list for this off season. Cialis online canada As for Frankie Rodriguez, cialis online canada just check out Twitter when he comes in to close a game, cialis online canada it’s like someone in the car farted and the windows are all locked.    

Cialis online canada Then we have Jenry Mejia who has been abused by the Mets to the point that Mets fan have been calling Child Services to have him removed from Jerry Manuel Torture Chamber (a/k/a The bullpen) That Mejia has not been allowed to grow in his craft in the Mets minor league system is a serious crime to all Mets fans, cialis online canada as we want Mejia to grow strong and add that 97 mph fastball to the rotation of Pelfrey and Niese. Cialis online canada The handling of Mejia this season is the baseball equivalent of the 2 year old kid smoking two packs of cigarettes a day in Indonesia STOP THE ABUSE!!!!    

Cialis online canada Back to Beltran for a moment, cialis online canada the Mets have a nice little run going here and if or when Beltran comes back where does he play? If he goes back to his home in centerfield then does that move Pagan to the bench? Or does the mean a platoon of Frenchy and Pagan in RF? Can Beltran cover the ground he used to now that he will wear a knee brace to play? If he can’t then does he move to right field knocking Frenchy to the bench? Loads of questions here and that’s why maybe for the good of the team, cialis online canada it’s better that Beltran is taking his time coming back and if you’re the Mets front office do you secretly hope he doesn’t come back?

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