As much as I would have loved to win that game yesterday I can’t be too upset with Big Pelf, he struggled with command and he made two big mistakes to Texieria  and the killer the 2 run homer to Curtis Granderson but as the Highlanders stated after the game, they’d rather face a hard thrower like Pelf than junkballers like Jamie Moyer and Hisinori Takahashi.

If you are a Highlander’s fan I am sorry to give you the bad news that the Era of the Bronx Robber Baron is over. It ended after Friday night’s game when that skanky Lady GaGa paraded herself into the Highlander locker room in her underwear after a loss to the Amazin’s. I can guarantee you that not only would Pee Wee Cashman been fired on the spot but Hank and Hal would have been put up for adoption if the Boss was still in charge. For an organization that takes such pride in its uniform to have a no talent trollop like GaGa wearing the Highlander jersey must have Marilyn Monroe rolling in her grave.

John Maine has become a problem. I had Tweeted that no way Maine goes back to the rotation if or when he comes back to the big league team and should be used as a reliever. But as General Manager Candidate Howard Megdal pointed out to me, Maine is still not throwing hard and he has not shown he’s suitable for bullpen duty as he does not show the ability to get up and get warm to come into a game. As always Howard is right on the mark and that’s why he needs to be named the nest GM of the NY Mets.

Mike Silva tackles the Maine question as to DFA or trade John Maine for a reliever from a team looking to start selling off talent. I think it comes down to John Maine’ Mets career is just about done.  In fact if the Mets can’t trade Maine and they do DFA him it will show they are serious about winning, if you don’t produce then you’re gone. Its PRO baseball no one gets hot dogs after the game.

Very nice feature in todays Daily News on Big Pelf and how between embracing fatherhood and working with Harvey Dorfman on the mental side of the game. Big Pelf also talks about his estranged dad  and how that has motivated him to be a better father to his son.

Happy Fathers day to all the Dads out there I don’t know about you but everyday for me is Fathers Day

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  1. I have never understood the logic of Maine or Ollie in the pen. Two guys with ZERO control coming out of the pen? Are you kidding? Now you’ve limited them to starting innings, since goodness knows you don’t want them walking in runs. And if they do start innings out of the pen, then the fact that they just plain suck kicks in. DFA both of them!

  2. Can’t we just send Maine to join O.P. in “Imagination Land” ala South Park?

  3. Michael says:

    Great way to begin a new week!

    Let me remind you that until 2000 is reversed, you guys will continue to fly in coach!

  4. kranepool says:

    Nice to see you Michael Happy Fathers Day Was that you with Lady GaGa in the South Bronx? I always thought of you as Lola Falana kind of guy

  5. Geez, if I were a Highlander supporter, I would spend less time on the Mets and more time looking in my side view mirror at TB an the Sox. What if they both make the playoffs? Let’s see, divide by 2, carry the 1, use the exponent….oh, is that what it would mean?? What a shame that would be.

  6. Michael says:


    Happy Father’s Day to you Steve.

    Bear with me as my work load has increased and my play time here will be limited during the week.

    I like to sing Gaga’s “Paparazzi” whenever Takahasi or Igarashi takes the mound.

  7. Michael says:


    Duh Rich, it’s June.

    The biggest concern THE WORLD CHAMPIONS have is Alex’s hip.

    The season has a long way to go, doesn’t it, babe.

    Remember 2007, toots, when a certain team had a comfortable lead with 17 games to play?

    Regardless I wish you a most Happy Father’s Day. It was a good one for me as I spent it with my sons and saw THE WORLD CHAMPIONS delight their expansive fan base with a win!

  8. Alex is learning that it’s a little tougher to play without the needles. The hip takes a little longer to heal, the power numbers go down, don’t they, babe? Poor Alex can’t cheat any more.

  9. kranepool says:

    You’re right Rich, has anyone see A-Rod’s cousin lately?

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