It’s not the loss that has me pissed, it the way it happened that makes me wonder if under the stewardship on Mr. Jerry Manuel, this team can make the post season as the manager has absolutely no feel for in game managing.

First there was the lineup. With both Jose Reyes and Angel Pagan ailing, was it wise to give Jason Bay the day off? I’ve advocated giving Chris Carter some playing time but again the manager has to have a feel for knowing when to play guys and when to let them sit, you can’t keep Bay out the line up when your two offensive catalysts are sitting. Wouldn’t giving Bay a game off in Puerto Rico be more beneficial since he wouldn’t have to run on an artificial turf laded outfield?

Then we have this whole “I wanted to get Johan out on a positive note” line of bullshit? Santana pitched his best game in over a month and not just that he is still the Ace of the staff. Maybe it’s just a figurehead title but can you imagine Roy Halladay, Tim Lincecum, CC Sabathia or Cliff Lee coming out of a game like last night? I know Johan said he wanted to stay in the game but acquiesced to the managers move, maybe he should have demanded to stay in I bet those pitchers I mentioned would get into a fist fight with their skipper to finish a game like that.

The 9th inning was just a pure disaster as Manuel let Ryota Igarashi, a guy who walks as many batters as he strikes out, pitch in bases loaded spot one out and Ryan Zimmerman up. I can buy the notion of saving Frankie Rodriguez for the save spot as the Mets are the road team, but if you’re not going to use Bobby Parnell in that spot, then why is Parnell here?    

You could hear the disgust in Ron Darling’ voice as Igarashi fell behind 2-0 to Zimmerman by throwing tow breaking balls, when the situation called for challenging the hitter with fastballs. That’s why this situation cried out for Parnell to be brought in. If Zim hits a 98 mph fastball for a game winning hit, tip your hat and move on. I just wonder if Igarashi would have walked in the winning run, would that be grounds for the manager’s dismissal?

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  1. Good point on using Parnell when the K was needed. You know, it’s sad. Finally we have some hope at October, but right now, it looks as though this team will stagger around due to leadership incompetence and miss the post season again.

    I have had no use for Jerry since game 7, October of 06, when he talked Willie into sending Floyd up instead of Woodward in what was the most obvious bunting situation in NY Mets history.

    I believe it was 1983 when the Phillies fired their manager when they were in first place, then went on to win the pennant. Just because they’re having some success, it does not mean that Jerry should have a free pass until the end of the season. Shit like last night is inexcuseable.

  2. Raging Bullbleep is what this is!

  3. Is it time for the Bobby V rumors again? What I’d really like is to see Frank Robinson come in and kick everybody’s ass.

  4. I like it, Peter. I love the time an SF Giant pitcher tried to walk off the mound is disgust and Robby grabbed him and made him wait until the reliever came in.

    Too bad he’s up there in years. That guy is awesome.

  5. I’m not too upset about this one, maybe I didn’t watch closely enough.

    BTW, I love Darling’s commentary. But as a pitcher, he was often maddening, walking a LOT of guys, not trusting his (great) stuff, etc.

    It’s not an easy game.


  6. kranepool says:

    James it just seems to me Manuel tries to put the blame on others when the team loses whether it’s his players for staying out late as he did when the Mets lost the first game in P.R. or when he says he hasn’t been given an 8th inning pitcher by the front office, conveniently forgetting he demanded to have Mejia on the team but lacked the patience to let him grow into the role.

    By the way don’t forget Bobby O, who is trying very hard after some of the loses to kill Manuel

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