Jason Fry has a great post on the events of last night game in D.C. and the fact as Mets fans we are on the edge of our seats when the Mets have a late inning lead. Part of it is our paranoia over the bullpen but the bulk of our fear is the way Jerry Manuel misuses his relief core. I also find it hysterical that some of the comments on that post are chastising fans for calling our the managerial flaws of Jerry Manuel with the simplistic refrain old “hey the team is winning he must be doing something right”  but the don’t list what those “right things”. Folks the Mets are winning in spite of Manuel, it helps that D-Wright has found his game elite game and Angel Pagan has matured and that Big Pelf, Jon Niese, Ike Davis and even Ruben Tejada have mature and given this team the shot of young blood we have been craving.

By the way Manuel should be fired for even thinking of replacing Ruben Tejada at second base with Luis Castillo when Castillo comes back. Even I don’t think Manuel believes that but it’s more like another of “Jerry’s Games” to force the front office to make a move, like he did with Ollie P and John Maine, remember he is a Gangsta’

Believe it or not the Washington Nationals are on the verge of signing El Duque. I guess Luis Tiant ask for too much money.

The first primary is complete and Howard Megdal received 65 % approval vote at Amazin’ Avenue and 68 % approval at NY Baseball Digest. Proving that Met want what Howard has pledged to deliver LOGIC, TRANSPARENSY, and PASSION .  Next weeks primary is set and your voting places are at the AabFab Metsgrrl site and at Mets Minor League Blog. It’s your constitutional duty as a Mets fan to vote and remember id Howard were the Mets GM today, Ruben Tejada would play every day and Oliver Perez would be his baseball Ambassador to Mexico.

I have no baseball games this weekend so I am watching this great Germany-Argentina World Cup match then Mets-Strasburg then off to Lend Me A Tenor on Broadway. Life is Good.

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  1. If this were Facebook, I’d hit “Like” 100 times on this post.

    Tell me, weren’t you convinced that if Frankie threw the 3-2 pitch to Harris something bad would have happened?

  2. The fact is Krane, while you are 100% right that Castillo should not play over Tejada, he will…for no other reason other than the, well actually, 12 million reasons. None of them have to do with actually playing. As much as Reyes has never improved his game since coming up, the stats do not lie, and do not think the increased defense of tejada and Davis have not had a major effect on the fate of this team. But, like I said, 12 million reasons will see Tejada back in Buffalo. None of them are the right reasons.

  3. How much do the Mets make per Hot Dog? $2? If Castillo can walk the stands and sell 6 Million hot Dogs…

  4. Michael says:

    I’d vote for Brian Bruney as the new closer for the Shake Shackers. Wouldn’t you?

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