There was no bigger enigma in the sports worldlike George Steinbrenner. As much as he treated people like dirt, he also was extremely charitable. For all the money and power he had, his childhood was kind of sad as his he could never seem to do anything that pleased his father whose love he craved but never seem to have gotten.   

From reading Bill Madden’ book he was in a loveless marriage and his daughters seemed to always find Mr. Wrong when it came to marriage.  But when it came to running a baseball team you can not denniy his success.

The Highlanders were a joke of a franchise under CBS ownership and Mike Burke’ stewardship but all that turned around when Steinbrenner took over. Give the man credit he took over NYC and the Highlanders became more important than any time in their history under Boss George.

So now what happens to the Highlanders? My guess is the Steinbrenner children sell the team. I bet James Dolan and his Cablevison bucks will come calling soon

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  1. Michael says:

    Not a good past few days for my team. Will mourn the passing of the greatest P.A. announcer ever and now the greatest owner any team could ever have.

    Time moves on.

  2. Steve,

    Dolan can’t buy the team. His uncle owns the Indians.

  3. George the Stork says:

    It’s funny how you’re loved so much more when you get older. I can think of a couple examples in the tennis world — Conners, Agassi — who were hated in their prime, but become embraced when they got older.

    Steinbrenner was reviled in the 70s/80s. Buying up all the free agents, firing managers left and right. Then his image seemed to turn around in the 90s when the Yankees came back. Love him or hate him, you got to admit he was a success.

    I always loved the fat toad line about Irabu.

  4. George’s legacy is money and nothing else. The Bronx crew was good only after his two suspensions, when the staff he put together (admittedly one of the best scouting and personnel staff EVER put together) was allowed to trade, sign and draft without his interference. When he was involved in the day to day operations of the team, in the late 70s and the entire decade of the 80s, the team was a laughing stock that free agents would avoid like the plague.

    But, he allowed his baseball people to spend money and over-paid to keep the good ones to stay around.

  5. Paul L. says:

    Geroge was typical NY. Everyone forgets he ran the shipping business into the ground. Personally I am glad to see him go. Would be glad if the Yankees went period. He was part of the greed machine that has now solidified the fact that if you live in Pittsburgh or Kansas City you will never see your team in the playoffs. The 90’s created a buzz with a management team that looked the other way when half the team was juicing up. Not a great styory that everyone makes it out to be. It”s a shame that a classy man had to be remembered the same week as this toad.

  6. Because of the fact that in reality, George Steinbrenner, was no rocket scientist in the 1980s, there was no real competetive team.
    Jeffy, who has all the intelligence of a melting soft Chocolate Ice Cream Cone, is channeling his “Inner Steinbrenner” to run the team into the ground.
    Jeffy will NOT let the Baseball People run that operation.
    Scott Kazmir for Victor Zambrano?(Jay Beuhner for Ken Phelps).

  7. Michael says:

    Good Morning Gals,

    Expect a tribute to Big Stein once the Shake Shackers return from their journey to nowhere.

    A Pround Yankee Fan Since 1956

  8. Big Stein was one of a kind.


    A Proud Yankee Fan Since 1956

  9. David in Manhattan says:

    I’m with Paul on this…

    The way I see it, Steinbrenner is the guiltiest among the group of owners, agents, and players that have transformed baseball from the GAME I grew up loving and playing, to the big business it is now. I still love the game, but hate the hyper-inflated salaries, the expensive tickets and beer, the corporate sponsorship…

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