Is there a team in any sport that goes from sugar to shit faster than the NY Mets? Before the All Star break we Mets fans were pumped for the second half, I mean think about the names we were banding about getting, Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt, Ted Lilly. Now fast forward a week later, and the talk is it’s better to dump Rod Barajas and play that cute little Josh Thole, Toxic Ollie is back, the most popular boy in the class, Jeff Francouer and his putrid bat has been replaced by the star some Mets fans hate, Carlos Beltran who at 75% is still superior to Frenchy in every way except in personality and the ability to sell a perp phone (Metro PCS according to my cop buddies is the phone service of choice for NYC criminals)  in radio ads. Oh yeah and the acquisition of Chad Cordero to a minor league deal. Meanwhile the Phuck Phaces are on the verge of landing Roy Oswalt and the Braves just keep padding their NL East lead. With all that should we be surprised by the latest cliff dive by the Mets especially how this team is the most homesick team in baseball?

The mark of a true contending team is how the play in tight situations and the Mets fail terribly in that situation as their 11-17 record in one run games and the shocking 10 walk off losses indicate. The only saving grace with this team is their ability to win at home. For all the bullshit talk about Citi Field hurting the Mets, this season is quite the opposite as the club has wins at a 65 % clip in Flushing. But on the road it’s just a disaster.

So Leader of Men, Alex Cora wasn’t happy that Mike Pelfrey, while talking to reporters last night, was laughing and let him know about it. What’s missing in the story was why Big Pelf was laughing and what kind of laugh it was. Was is a smirk/chuckle (a Big Pelf trademark) explaining why he went with a ‘buzz cut” to try and change his luck? Or was a laugh over a joking about Jeff Francoeur commiserating at his locker on why Jerry Manuel has fallen out of love with him? Or was a piss your pants gut buster over seeing Oliver Perez’ pay stub? Until I find out which one of these Big Pelf is guilty of, I will reserve judgment on him. As for Cora, as much as there is sometimes ‘false hustle” on the field there is also “false leadership” off it and maybe Alex Cora is guilty of the latter.

As I said before, Chad Cordero is now a Met. No shock there except we all figured this would have happened a lot sooner as all former Expos have a home in Queens.

One of the positives from last nights game was the fact that R.A. Dickey remained on the bench after being removed and he and Josh Thole sat together in deep conversation. The more I see Thole the more impressed I am with him not just with the bat but also the way he handles himself on the field and how involved he is in discussions on the mound whenever Manuel or Old School Warthen come out to talk to the pitcher. I’m sure all the chemistry majors in Mets fandom love that fact.

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  1. “Is there a team in any sport that goes from sugar to shit faster than the NY Mets?”

    You hit the nail on the head. I did a little more speculation than you did on the Cora/Pelfrey encounter, but it’s all speculation. We don’t really know the true relationship between the two, what the extraneous factors were, etc.

    What concerns me is this. Where is Manuel? Why is Alex Cora getting all over Mike Pelfrey when Jerry has sat in a presser after losses and laughed and made it seem like no big deal? That rubs off on a team, I think. Are they just getting complacent?

    I go back to your quote because it’s almost like, here we go again, and the Wilpon’s and Minaya seem content to lose as long as the players aren’t giving the team a bad name outside of baseball.

    I think the answer to the question I quoted above is “no”. The Mets could make better decisions, but they choose not to. They could choose to have a winning team, but they choose not to. The ownership and management got lucky this year with people like Niese, Taka, and Dickey stepping up, but really, had they not, what was Minaya going to do? It would have been excuse after tired excuse.

    I’ve been a lifelong Mets fan, but this isn’t about this team’s chemistry. This team has won with Beltran in the past. It’s not him. What I’m coming to realize is that this is a culture. A culture that doesn’t put winning first. A culture that encourages the work of “yes” men, a culture that accepts mediocrity because “some things just don’t work out” and “we know we’re struggling, but every team has their struggles”. The Mets turn from sugar to shit because the FO simply doesn’t care anymore. And unless there is a change in culture, in the most essential fibers of that organization, they can put any 25 guys out there they want and get the same results.

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