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Cialis for sale God almighty I’m so sick and tired of this and it seems I’m not the only one. Cialis for sale Bob Ojeda it seems took an ax and gave Jerry Manuel 40 whacks. Cialis for sale The night before when asked about the Toxic Ollie situation, cialis for sale Ojeda gave a great reply by saying he fought through three work stoppages to get guys like Ollie Perez the right to make a decision to either go to the minors or not because of tenure. Cialis for sale Ojeda then said that he will keep his opinion on what Ollie is doing to himself which to me says while he defends OP’s deciosn to invoke his refusal to go to Buffalo, cialis for sale he would love to ring his neck for being a selfish prick.

Cialis for sale Mike Silva over at NY Baseball Digest has a post about the Mets players not taking losing personally and how they get this from the manager and management, cialis for sale here is my comment that I posted on Mike’s site:

Cialis for sale  The players are taking their queue from management as the owner has not countered the claims that the team has money trouble. Cialis for sale When players see Ollie Perez come back just as bad as when he left and know the only reason he’s here is the money he’s due. Cialis for sale Same with Castillo. Cialis for sale Now the team has 3 catchers on the roster as no one will pull the plug on Rod Barajas with either a trade or his release. Cialis for sale Same with Jeff Francouer. Cialis for sale Then you have Alex Cora who for all his “leadership” qualities produces next to nothing on the field.

Cialis for sale Same reason Jerry Manuel still has a job the Wilpons would rather lose and pay a manager than try to win with a new manager while paying his replacement.

Cialis for sale  The fans are on to this con set by the Wilpon’s no wonder they were friends with someone like Bernie Maddoff.

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Cialis for sale Even when this team wins, cialis for sale we don’t enjoy it as Mets fans are preoccupied with the awful in game moves by Jerry Manuel. Cialis for sale Now it seems he is losing the clubhouse, cialis for sale especially after Grandstand Cora took Mike Pelfrey to task for his jovial behavior in the clubhouse. Cialis for sale That should be the managers’ job in fact why not just make Grandstand the bench player/manager since he so full of piss and vinegar? The guy should do something to earn his $2mil a year than to just be a grouch. Cialis for sale Oh and speaking of Grandstand Cora, cialis for sale it seems as per Kevin Kernan that Johan Santana and Frankie Rodriguez were sharing a smile as well in the clubhouse but Grandstand Cora must have had his hearing aid off:

Cialis for sale After Tuesday’s loss to the Diamondbacks, cialis for sale Rodriguez and Johan Santana were seen laughing in a corner of the clubhouse. Cialis for sale A few minutes later Mike Pelfrey was joking with a group of reporters. Cialis for sale Alex Cora yelled in the direction of Pelfrey’s locker and reporters to “show some respect.”

Cialis for sale  

Cialis for sale I just want the Skill Sets to be honest with us about whether or not they have the coin to compete for big ticket items. Cialis for sale If they can’t, cialis for sale it’s no disgrace; in fact it may be to the Mets advantage. Cialis for sale Just think, cialis for sale how happy was the fan base when we saw the home grown infield this season? How great is it to watch Ike Davis and Jon Niese and Josh Thole?  The franchise is 323 games BELOW .500 since its inception so losing is not a deterrent for Mets fans but indifference; lack of a plan and deceit from ownership will not be tolerated. Cialis for sale So com’on Skill Sets free your conscience, cialis for sale the truth shall set you free.      

Cialis for sale So now what, cialis for sale well there are reports today that the Mets are looking to move Jeff Francouer. Cialis for sale That’s a good start. Cialis for sale Next should be sending Rod Barajas somewhere and letting Josh Thole catch when RA Dickey, cialis for sale Jon Niese and who ever the fifth starter is and then give Johan Santana and Mike Pelfrey to Henry Blanco. Cialis for sale Let Chris Carter be the 4th outfielder, cialis for sale I know his arm is atrocious but his bat is wasting away on the bench. Cialis for sale I love defense but I’m willing to sacrifice some of it for offense. Cialis for sale Then it’s time for the obvious move, cialis for sale relieve Jerry Manuel of his position as manager. Cialis for sale It doesn’t make sense to bring in a big name manager right now, cialis for sale give the job to Ken Oberkfell or Tim Teufel as interim managers but if Omar Minaya is more than a figurehead he needs to go into the clubhouse along with Jeffey Skill Sets and let the team know it’s time for a change and jobs are on the line no matter what kind of contract you have. Cialis for sale      

Cialis for sale Awwwww who am I kidding this will never happen, cialis for sale I’m so fucking delusional, cialis for sale   forget that motto of Prevention and Recovery that real motto of the New York Mets is “Same Shit, cialis for sale Different Day”

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