Yesterday’s Mets-Dodgers game was so bad in so many ways. Besides the fact that David Wright is standing so far off the plate that he needs a canoe paddle to hit the ball and that he desperately needs a day off, and that Jerry Manuel has some form of Antention Decifict Disorder when it comes to writing a lineup (Luis Castillo MUST BAT 8TH GOD DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) plus watching Manuel and St. Joseph of Torre match wits with the bullpen is like watching a four hour promo of the movie Schmucks For Dinner. Then to top off the whole afternoon of suck, the game was televised on FOX. Kenny Albert is not built for baseball. He kind of drifts off like he’s so fucking bored wishing it was winter so he can call football and hockey games. When Albert works both of those sports he’s solid but  on baseball he’s god awful. Eric Karros is a moron. Plain and simple, a moron. He makes no sense at all with any of his analysis especially when he thought pitching to Andre Either with first base open and one out with the winning run on thrird was a good move. Then there is Ken Rosenthal who I ask very nicely on Twitter, to shut the fuck up. For an “information guy” he brings you nothing except for some good old fashion Mets bashing. Yes we’re spoiled as we have the finest TV crew in baseball to enjoy almost every night, but at least if I’m going to sit through Jerry Manuel botching games and some pretty bas baseball this last month, I want to be entertained somewhat and only Gary, Keith and Ron can do that for Mets fans.

I’ll be shocked, SHOCKED if Jerry Manuel is the manager of the Mets come Tuesday night. If he is still the manager, then you know for sure the Skill Sets don’t care anymore. 71/2 back will soon be 10 games back and all out attention will be on Jets and Giants camp.

It’s so easy to kill Toxic Ollie for yesterday but Ollie is what he is. The only thing I can take out Manuel bringing in Perez was this was Manuel being insubordinate. It makes me think that Manuel told management he wanted no part of Ollie on this team and management told him to shut up and sit down as we are paying this balooka a ton of dough and Manuel said well then no problem I’ll make sure he comes into a tight situation and fucks it up. Manuel has managed this road trip like a guy is tired of his job and needs a change so the Skill Sets should do the right thing for him and the team and relive him of his duty.

The kicker today will be if the Mets are up or down by a lot today and Frankie Rodriguez pitches and after the game Manuel says “Frankie hasn’t pitched in awhile so he needed the work”

Jerry Manuel didn’t get on John Maine because he was John Maine. No Jerry Manuel got on John Maine because John Maine was pitching as John Maine right shoulder needed to be surgically repaired. Jerry Manuel liked John Maine but was mad because John Maine wouldn’t tell Jerry Manuel that John Maine was hurt. John Maine wanted the ball and tried to fight off John Maine’s sore shoulder. It didn’t work out for John Maine here as John Maine’ season ending surgery is likely to be the end of John Maine’ Mets career. So now Jerry Manuel has to find another John Maine to treat like shit like he did to John Maine.

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  1. I never blamed jerry entirely like most for the situation here. It doesnt matter whot he mgr is this team will not work. Our GM is terrible and our owners are terrible. But yesterday is a classic example. Friday night Wright gets on in teh first inning with two outs tries to steal second and gets thrown out inning over. Maybe a talk from the mgr obviously not. Reyes tries to go from first to third the enxt game. he’s safe but clearly a very stupid move. Does jerry call them out. NO he says he likes their aggressiveness. You cant fix stupid. And remember jerry was here and part of the staff for all the collapses. Jerry has to go.

  2. It has to be a package, you know who needs to go too. I’m sitting in a Starbucks in LA and cracked up at the dinner with schmucks line! Imagine what guys like Bay and Santana are thinking now, as they watch this unmitigated bullshit. Both come from well-run organizations. Oy vey

  3. No matter how bad a Fox TV crew is, it’s way better than listening to McCarver.

  4. Forgot to mention how dumb it was to have Blanco run. Cost us the game.

  5. I want to start by giving the GM credit, for the younger players, Tejada, Davis, Thole, Niese, maybe even a revised Parnell, but after that, there is NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING that can be said or done, short of a miracle (and even that would only mask the problems) that can convince me that the GM & MGR should stay. As much as Beltran may be an all star, he clearly is not liked. He clearly is a pouty (and yes it seems so is Francouer) who makes the other guys walk on egg shells. The same goes for Perez & Castillo. Really, Jerry? Castillo hates batting eighth, so you move him back to second, even though he has done nothing to earn it? He is also so, so fundamentally poor it does not make up for him “working pitchers”, I have never seen anyone take so many 3-1 FASTBALLS right down the middle. He is a lazy fielder, and lazy baserunner…and please, someone please tell me why the worst bunter on the team (Reyes) is bunting to move a guy into scoring position for a LEFT Handed batting Castillo, where the outfielders play within arms reach of the infielders.

    For that move alone the manager should be fired. He did not learn after the 20-inning game, that the crybaby closer does not like getting up and down so much (even though it maskes some sense)? The horrible misuse of the bullpen is out of control.

    I know I am all over the place, but it is just so frustrating, so, I beg you please to indulge me. To the owners, please CUT CASTILLO & PEREZ already, you have to pay them no matter what (because your GM is an idiot, who clearly has pictures of you guys involved with livestock, which is the only way possible he could be keeping his job) The waste of a roster spot is killing an already overmathced manager, and killing the clubhouse. I don’t want you to run your team (or expect you to, no one has their revenue streams) like the Yankees but just ONCE, do this and think of the fresh air that will permeate throughout your fan base. I know you do not care about us, so it won’t be done, but we can dream.

  6. Paul L. says:

    And now Reyes gets thrown out stealling second and Cora fists him in the dugout. This team is a fucking mess. BTW, to the previous writer castillo is a better leadoff then Reyes is and I am not sure what Tejada has done to warrant your praise.

  7. Michael says:

    I’m enjoying the banter here today.

  8. Paul L. says:

    And he takes Dickery out. Goes out to the mound and puts his hands on his shoulders……Jerry has to go.

  9. Fucking team of gutless pansies and it starts with the manager.

  10. What kind of Livestock?

  11. First of all, Tejada, at least hustles. He may have been overmatched at the plate, but so is Castillo, and he is a former all star. Dickey was hurt and he gutted out another inning. Castillo a leadoff hitter? Really? Glad to see I was not the only one annoyed by the manager in waiting’s fist bump.

    As for the type of livestock, I do not know. If I did, I would let the world know, the shame and embarassment (can the Mets’ heirarchy be shamed & ambarassed?) would be over and done, and they would either be so embarassed they would sell, or it would be out, and they could fire the GM…win-win.

  12. castillo has a better OBP then Reyes by far.

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