Has there ever been two groups so closely aligned but such poplar opposites like Mets fans and Mets management? The one thing both groups have in common is they both root for the Mets to win (as inept as ownership is they want to win, they don’t have a clue as to how to accomplish that but they want to win) and that’s where the similarities end.

Mets fans are furious with the way this team has gone into the shitter on this past road trip. If your fans are going to stay up until 1AM then goddamnit we want a win. But with the anemic offense and the bumbling managerial tactics, this was one of the worst west cost trips ever for the Mets.

When the team left Flushing after losing four of six games to the Reds and Braves, we figured the All-Star break would be a good tonic for the club to recharge and get rested for the second half before the start of an 11 game West Coast road trip. I think we all felt if the Mets could go 6-5 on this trip that would be great. The road has been a house of horrors for the team all year but this would be a test for the team and a good trip would solidify the Mets as a true contender in the NL. Who knew that the 11 game trip would turn into Armageddon!  

So from optimism, we Mets fans have turned into an angry mob, something we’ve gotten very good at the last couple of seasons, and we want a body. Someone has to be sacrificed, but who?

There’s talk of Howard Johnson getting either fired or reassigned in the organization. HoJo is a Mets lifer but quite frankly firing HoJo is just window dressing. In fact firing any of the coaches makes no sense as it’s not coaches’ fault this team can’t hit. So that leaves the manager.

If any coach gets the boot, and Jerry Manuel gets to stay on then that is just an insult to Mets fans and a good reason for them to keep their credit cards in their pocket and to stay off Mets.com to but tickets. The news I would like to see today is Ken Oberkfell named as interim manager, then reassign HoJo to manage Buffalo and leave the rest of the staff intact.

After the season, then it will be time for an organization wide colonic. Reassign Omar Minaya to head of scouting, in fact give his a fancy title like Czar of Player Development and Scouting and make it like it’s a real important high fluent position that will shape the feature of the franchise and then go out find a GM who is not locked in the dark ages. A guy who understands that statistical analysis is a must for success but can also meld that in with good old fashion boots on the ground scouting.    

Seems to me, Bobby Valentine is kind of forcing the Mets hand to make some sort of move by throwing his hat in the ring to succeed Lou Pinella in Chicago.  Most Mets fans are split between Bobby V and Wally Backman as to who they’d like see manage the Mets and with BV open politicking for the Cubs job he’s let it be known he’s more than ready for a high profile managing position.

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  1. I follow the logical progression involved in installing Oberkfell as interim-Mets manager but I’m not sure I see logic in making HoJo Buffalo manager. I believe he’s only managed 1 season, in the lower minors, roughly 8 years ago.

    I would think that Tim Teufel, who has been working in the Mets lower minors for most of this decade, would be a more logical choice having put in the minor league time and having more managerial experience.

  2. kranepool says:

    I was looking at the HoJo to Buffalo as a way to not throw him completely out of the organization

  3. What you laid out is exactly what they’ll do. Hojo will go, it is cheap and cosmetic. Let’s call it Mary Kay leadership. If they want to show that they’re serious, even though this year is lost, fire Jerry and hide or fire Omar. But we all know that makes too much sense.

  4. As screwed up as we are, at least we’re not Cubbie fans who are on their way to a second century of imperfection.

  5. Michael says:

    I eagerly await the start of the championship season.

  6. Gary Hughes says:

    Much as I want to see the Mets get going, I’m not sure a shake up is the way to do it. Doesn’t HoJo get some credit for getting Wright to hit earlier this year? And in the past couple of days Bay has been hitting better as well due to a change in bat position. As for Jery, the walk-off road losses and misuse of K-Rod is a concern, but offset by keeping the team positive. Problem to me is that the regulars like Beltran and Luis Castillo are back and some of the players who were helping the Mets to win are now on the bench. This is the wrong time to intoduce a new lineup, but what’s Jerry supposed to do? Have Beltran Luis sit?

  7. Besides the two calls that the umpire has given Garza, it is down to the Padres & Mets without no hitters…anyone want to bet against the Padres being next?

  8. Mets’ Pitchers have thrown plenty of No Hitters. Just for other teams (suck).I wonder if this will help the Rays in their pursuit of “the Champion Season”?

  9. Michael says:


    We’ll give them a taste of The Bronx this weekend.

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