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Viagra suppliers So  much for the big boost that Frenchy’s home run was supposed to bring to the Mets, viagra suppliers that was another smoke screen to hide the suck that is Jeff Francoeur. Viagra suppliers At least he’s well liked by his teammates. Viagra suppliers I’ve worked with guys like Frenchy, viagra suppliers they are so personable and charismatic that you love being around them but when it comes to getting the actual work done they’re utter failures. Viagra suppliers I’ve worked with guys like Carlos Beltran as well, viagra suppliers guys who have the personality of Elmers Glue, viagra suppliers not only can’t you get a word out of them when they do speak, viagra suppliers the words are nothing of substance. Viagra suppliers However when it comes to getting the job done they’re much more productive than the jovial good time Charley guy. Viagra suppliers  So if your job is on the line and a deadline to get your assignment done who do you want, viagra suppliers the dull producer or the happy jack off? In this case dull wins.

Viagra suppliers A must read for you today is Greg Prince’ piece on his Faith and Fear in Flushing site where he lays it all out about this season and about who we, viagra suppliers as Mets fans are. Viagra suppliers   Remember Mets fans, viagra suppliers “we’ve got no place else to go” Classic Greg, viagra suppliers Classic!

Viagra suppliers I’m in the middle of Red Sox Nation here on Cape Cod as many Bostonians are here on vacation. Viagra suppliers They are all hopped up for the four game series this weekend with the Highlanders which as a Mets fan puts me at a big disadvantage. Viagra suppliers Just a about every  reastaurant here shows Red Sox games on tv and I mean from big formal places to the fish joints on the side of the road the “Sawx” are a way of life out here. Viagra suppliers I’ve been wearing my Mr. Viagra suppliers Cap and I get some looks, viagra suppliers some head shakes and some “we’re sorry’s” as well. Viagra suppliers I’m thinking of sitting outside a store on Main St in Hyannis with a cardboard sign that says METS FAN PLEASE HELP with my Mr. Viagra suppliers Met cap on the ground and see how much money I can make.

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