So the great clubhouse chemist Jeff Francoeur has asked to be traded if he is not inserted into the everyday Mets lineup. Well, Frenchy didn’t exactly make this demand on his own he had his agent Ms. Molly Fletcher make it for him. In fact Ms. Molly had some rather pointed words for the Mets and Jerry Manuel about her client:

In a telephone interview, Fletcher indicated she would monitor Francoeur’s playing time over the next week, interested in whether or not manager Jerry Manuel follows through on his amended plan to let Francoeur face right-handed pitchers, a group he historically struggles against and is hitting just .217 against this season.

“Talk to me is just that: It’s talk,” Fletcher said. “What matters is what happens and is he in right field every day. And that’s what we’re watching.”

How does Mets management put up this bullshit? Who the fuck is Jeff Francoeur and Ms. Molly Fletcher to tell the Mets who to play and when they play? The Skill Sets cannot be this yellow bellied that they that take this from some agent not named Scott Boras? I hate to tell you this Mets fans but shit like this would never ever fly in the South Bronx. Could you imagine a player as sucky as Frenchy sending his female agent in to the Bronx Robber Baron with demands such as these?

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  1. The answer to your last question is clearly, ‘No’. I don’t know what the Mets can do with Francouer at this stage, but they cannot cave into this sort of thing. In fact, he should be sent to Buffalo pronto, if that’s not some form of union-contract violation.

  2. This probably goes on more than you realize but not following closely any other team, I wouldn’t know for sure.

    Just have to ask….what the hell difference does it make if the agent is female? Are you trying to say that the Yankee GM/Ownership are sexist pigs that would be more likely to take a male agent seriously than a female agent?

    Think you’re off on that. Think the Yankees wouldn’t be dictated to no matter who the agent is.

  3. I thought that it was a bad omen last year when Frenchy hit into an Unassisted Triple Play. Still, as bad as he was, two words- Ryan Church.

  4. Just another example of the fact that the whole front office needs to go.

  5. Bottom Line is the season is over, time to work 2011 or 2012. Frechy gotto go including Castillo, Blanco, Feliciano, Perez, MGR Manuel, Minaya. And most of all the ownership. We need and owner who cares!!!!!!!

  6. kranepool says:

    I don’t give a damn if Francoeur’ agent is Miss Piggy or Oscar The Grouch any owner with a pair of balls would have thrown the agent out of his or HER office with Frenchy’s release papers. When you suck you don’t make demands and Francoeur sucks as does the whole fucking organization.

    That’s it I’m putting on my YOUKILIS 20 jersey GO SAWX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I

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