If I worked in the Mets payroll department, when it’s time to cut the players paychecks, I would put Robert Allen Dickey’ name on the check for Ollie Perez and put Perez name on Dickey’ digits. Obviously OP has no shame or is just as ignorant as we Mets fans make him out to be, that he still picks up his check for doing absolutely nothing positive for this team while R.A. Dickey goes out start after start and lives the journeyman’s dream season in the Big Leagues.

At some point doesn’t professional pride resonate with Perez, where he sees that going to Buffalo and then heading to St. Lonesome in the winter to work on being a pitcher, instead of the thrower he has become? Then again you would have to have a little bit going on between your ears and OP seems to be lacking in that, so he is relegated to the Mets version of the NYC Board of Education’s “rubber room” where they send teacher’s who can no longer handle a classroom and pay them full salary and benefits while they figure out what to do with them.

If I were the manager of the Mets, I would take all of Perez’ belongings from his locker and leave them in the janitor’s closet and give the locker to Pat Misch. How is OP not embarrassed by the fact, the club never even gave it a thought of giving him the ball today against the Phillies ? Ollie Perez, have you no shame?

For the first time in his Mets career, Luis Castillo and Mets fans are on the same page, yes Luis, you got to go! What other team has players begging for their release or trade and are STILL ALLOWED TO PLAY!!!!!! Castillo and Francoeur want to leave, so why haven’t they been granted their wish?

It’s not often these days we hear from Omar Minaya, and when we do, we realize why he shouldn’t speak in public. When asked what Frankie Rodriguez said to him about the incident with his babies moma’s daddy, Omar the Orator said:

“He said he feels really bad he let the organization down. He let himself down and his teammates down,” Minaya said. “To me, that’s an apology. Did he use that word? I will not tell you that, but I will tell you that he does not feel good.”

Omar, what the fuck are you talking about? Did he apologize or not? And did you, as the GM of the team, tell him he had better apologize to his teammates especially to those teammate whose wives and children were in that room to witness what happened? I would hope that Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes, who both said their wives and kids were there at the time all hell broke lose, would confront him on what happened. Prove me wrong Mets players, I say no one has the balls to call out K-Rod on this.

I hope Pat Misch pitches a great game today as he has earned the right for this start and anything that puts it up Mets management’s ass is fine with me.

This is what is has come down to for me. Mets management has taken a forty six year Mets fan and has me rooting for the organization to fall flat on it’s face. I want Ollie Perez to pitch and get shelled. I want Jeff Francoeur to play every day and strike out four times a game. I want Jerry Manuel to keep lifting starting pitchers for an ineffective bullpen. I want David Wright to go to ownership and ask them “where are we going as an organization so I know if I should play out my contract and go elsewhere”. I want some other financial shyster to come along and steal the rest of the Skill Sets money so they are forced to sell the team (You suck Bernie Madoff why couldn’t wipe out the Wilpon’s I would have spoken up for you at your parole hearing if you did ) I want to burn this fucker to the ground and start over. I so fucking sick and tired and being so fucking sick and tired about this disaster of an organization.

Oh in case you haven’t picked up on it, I’m back from vacation.

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  1. LEADERSHIP- we have none of it. Jeff’s statement was a disgrace (why not, right, everything else is). Our GM is a clown, why not just give him size 23 shoes and a red nose? The manager is a doofus who laughs at his own jokes. Where in the blue fuck is our LEADERSHIP?

    If this happened in the Bronx, George would have fired everyone who was involved, and everyone who ever had a coffee with K Rod. This rudderless ship needs a few captains.

    The only thing keeping me sane is Luis’s request for a trade. I LOL’ed, as my daughter would say. Is this moron’s head so far up his ass that he thinks someone wants him?

    Oh, and by the way, we still try to compete every day with 23 guys. Hey Omar, other teams have 25, in case you didn’t know.

  2. You’re back & full of beans. You’re never better than when you’re really pissed. The Wilnots may think that they can slide along with a so-so team, but even “this Bud’s 4 U” and the MLB Office will have something to say about the Mets becoming the biggest Small Market team in Baseball. MLB can’t take this big a hit to their overall product.

  3. whozgotnext says:

    100% agree. It feels awful to sit here and root for the thing to entirely collapse, and to feel like that’s the only way that anything will change with this organization. And I’ve been a fan of this team since I was six years old, in 1972.

    The only light at the end of the tunnel is that after next season, the majority of the wasted money – other than Bay’s contract – comes off the books. Do I have confidence that ownership will use that opportunity to right the ship? No. Not at all.


  4. Krane, as usual, right on the money. The fact is that Mets’ management has been and will be a joke until the team is owned by people that want to own the Mets, not another franchise. Will someone on or in this organization have the cajones to DO ANYTHING is a question that we all already know the answer to.
    The owners are a joke.
    The front office is a joke.
    The guy that fills out the lineup card everyday is a joke.
    The bench a joke, at least I know that Carter would give one of his testicles for a win, is there anyone else, I doubt it. Dickey IS A MAN…and I hope that Niese is following his mindset. I know, at least on the field Santana is a man as well. I will give Bay a pass for this year only. He has been too good for too long. Pagan, love the skill can he show that he is for real? Outside of that, I am not sure any of the vets on this team have any guts. Beltran is a great player, but a leader, not a chance. Thought the RF was until his recent tantrums. The SS has not gotten any better as a player since the day they called him up. He still makes the same mistakes he did as a rookie, and no one has got the cajones to get in his face. The 3B has the credentials, but it seems that he does not want to be the leader either. 1B & 2B are rookies, and maybe at some point the rookie C might be one, but still too young.

    I love watching the complete games, but there is part of me that wants things to be so bad, that the owners’ hands would be forced to outbid (if that would even be enough) the Evil Empire for Lee or Crawford, but we all know that no matter what the Rangers try to do with Lee, that the contract offers will be so large that texas will have to bow out, and the Skill Sets family will not be in on either player. And we will get another winter of the organization apologizing for the bad season, or the GM talking about how we like our team. and while we scratch out heads, we will be hearing all about look at how great we were finding Pagan & Dickey, and look at out minor league system, Davis, Thole, Tejada, Martinez. And yet, it will be another year of being embarrased by the Nats, Marlins, Braves, Phillies & Skankee$. And lets not forget the “we have no problems adding payroll, if we feel it is the right move” quotes.

    And yet the organization can not understand why Mets’ fans love the ’86 team so much. Yes, they won, but it was also how they won, they showed guts, fight and were ready to chew off an opponents ear or two to win. Anyone on this team really ready to do that other than R.A.?

  5. Somar Sotominaya says:

    Yes, here I am, me and my nickname coming out of retirement to say ‘welcome to the club.’

    You last paragraph includes numerous things I started saying in 2007 on this and other Met blogs only to be shouted down and told that ‘real fans don’t give up.’

    You have come around to the only conclusion that a RATIONAL Met fan can reach: we are DOOMED as long as the wilpons own the team.

    Now, can you put your anger into action and stop spending $$ on the Mets? Any met fan who buys tickets, jerseys, hats, etc. is enabling Fred The Drunk Wilpon’s addiction.

    This franchise will skulk into its 50th anniversary season with failure, shame, and underachievment (interrupted every 15 or 20 years by passing fits of competence) as the legacy of its first half century of existence.

    Puke bucket please.

  6. nice piece…

  7. Good readings today!!!!

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  8. I couldn’t have said it better myself, Krane. You know that we’ve hit the abyss when we reach, “I want them to lose by 10 every game” mode. Hang in there, bud and thanks for citing some of my MetsMerized posts.

  9. Somar, I have not spent a dime on this team since 2008, and the only reason it was that recent is because I wanted to take my little one to Shea.

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