Tired of railing against this organization, who again screwed over the Mets fans by playing last night’s game in the rain, which made the field conditions so dicey that even Joe Morgan could see it was stupid to play with puddles (which I named Lake Wilpon) in the infield. How about poor ol’ Luis Castillo? He thinks Jerry Manuel put him in the lineup last night to boost the offense, when in reality management forced Manuel to put Gimp in the game hoping he’d break an ankle on that marsh of an infield.

Joe DeMayo put on his investigative fedora and found out that word on the street is the Mets will sign Matt Harvey, Greg Peavey and Drew Martinez. It may take a lot of these to get the deals done though.

Why wouldn’t the Mets pick up Jose Reyes option for 2011? You’re not going to trade him off this season as his trade value is not very strong and you have no one to replace him at short stop. The guy that has me concerned is David Wright, whose roller-coaster season is the ultimate head scratcher.  When Wright is on, there aren’t many better than him in baseball but when he falls into these awful funks at the plate as he is now, (how far outside of home plate can you stand that you’re not out of the batter’s box?) and you fuse that with the general malaise over this team, it makes for a toxic stew that pushes the fan base over the edge. Part of Wright’s problem, in my view, is he tries to hard. It seems he takes it like if he doesn’t do it, no one else will. What he lacks is a mentor, and I’ve mentioned this numerous times, Wright still misses Cliff Floyd terribly. Wright needs a veteran player who has been around the block a time or two who he can talk to and who can be honest with him when he fucks up. HoJo is the favorite uncle who takes Wright to Nathan’s and a ride on the Cyclone and gets him a candy apple for the ride home. Maybe David needs some tough love to straighten himself out. I’d love to get inside his head for a moment to find out how he really feels about the direction of this organization and if he wants to be a long term member of the Mets family.

As a Mets fan and as someone who has watched him beat the Mets ass for years, I should hate Chipper Jones and not give a shit if he comes back from knee surgery. But I can’t. I admire the shit out of him as he took everything the Mets fans threw at him and gave it back. With a smile. He kicked our ass for years, but I still have to tip my Mets cap at him if this is Larry’s Last Stand.

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  1. Agree 100% about Larry. Over the years he has passed Pete Rose as my favorite Mets villain. Junior Griffey was there for awhile, but that was more because he vetoed a trade to the Mets than anything he did to us on the field. Jones has been a one man wrecking crew against the Mets, no matter who was playing for NY and never backed down from the fans or the media. And ya gotta love that he named his kid Shea. I hope he makes it back for a farewell tour.

  2. kranepool says:

    The thing about Larry Jones was he loved to talk to Mets fans. He would hold court during batting practice and hang out near the Braves dugout and really had a gift in defusing some nasty comments and having fans leave really like him, until of course he’s hit a game winning hit against the Amazin’s

  3. My advice to David Wright is to put on his big boy pants and deal with it. I’m sure you see it in your little league coaching experience that kids these days are coddled since day one. David Wright grew up in a generation that rewards you for being mediocre, for trying, and not singling you out to be “the best.” While this has done wonders for this generation’s self-esteem, the quality is lost on tough-guy sports. Especially with you and me, I grew up with a contruction worker father and he hates this team for being a bunch of poochies. I say, if David Wright wants veteran leadership, he needs to look to himself. Unless you want that POS Francoeur running the team – then no one is going to step up that a “good guy” who sucks at playing baseball isn’t there anymore.

    I also said the same thing about Larry yesterday. If this was his last year, I am going to miss ragging on him one last time at Flushing (of course, giving him a standing O)

  4. Some of these players going into their “walk” year in 2011 might realize that they have to “run” at a “salary drive” and produce some good stats or there’ll be no more contracts for them anywhere in baseball. This gives me hope regarding the over paid stiffs we have.

  5. Are we going to get to void K-Rod’s contract? Go Team!

  6. scott from peekskill says:

    What is really sad is that this season seemed to hold hope all the way up until the week before the Allstar break. Now we are sitting with a record 6 games better than the abomination that was 2009.

    This si a sad team, run by a sad manager, sad GM and pathetic ownership. The team needs a complete new front office, new manager and new ownership. Bring in Kevin Towers as Gm and a technically strong manager and lets start again before Wright and Reyes are too old.

  7. The General Manager should be fired. I didn’t know that K-Rod had form as trouble when he signed with the Mets, but Omar must have. Therefore, now that it has resurfaced, Omar has to take responsibility. He should already have resigned, but seems not to realize he should have. Therefore he must be fired.

    Also, it hurts me to say this, but I agree with Lupica (http://bit.ly/aCvkem) today. The Mets have to suspend K-Rod without pay for this year and look to void his contract. Sure the union might object, but start with what’s right and then work back to what you can get, if you have to.

    But the front office has as much fight as the team – NONE.

  8. kranepool says:

    Eagle, any other team would be already telling K-Rod and his agent that they are done with this organzation and if they don’t like it SUE US!!! but as you say and I have said and million of Mets fan relaize this ownership is gutless when it comes to this

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