Just heard the sad news that former NY Giant,and the man who hit the most famous home run in baseball history, Bobby Thomson has passed away.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Thomson and if you didn’t better, you’d never know he was not just an ex-baseball player but a player who hit the Shot Heard Around The World. He was very soft spoken and awfully polite when I met hm at an event to commemorate the 1951 season (my dad was a die-hard Giants fan and Thomson and Carl Hubbell were his two favorite Giants of all time)  but when the name of Sal Yvars was brought up, it brought out the Scottsman’ temper. Yvars was the player who claimed he gave Thomson and other Giants tip offs on what pitches were coming by stealing the opposing catchers signs using a telescope while Yvars was perched by a window in centerfield of the Polo Grounds.

Condolences to the Thomson family

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  1. An historic hit. The Polo Grounds was a fantastic, if really really old, place to see a baseball game. I saw my first Mets game there on a Memorial Day Double Header in ’62. Dodgers and the Mets. The place was crawling with vile Dodger fans. Ugh!

  2. When Thompson hit the Homer, which future Hall of Famer was shaking and quaking in the On deck Circle? Hint- no hints ho ho.

  3. Peter- Mays

    Cool that you met him, Steve. He sounds like a nice guy. I’m sure we’ve all heard Branca on the radio-he comes off as bitter.

    I really think things are going to start changing here. I think the K Rod thing FINALLY woke the Wipons up. Their action today was swift and firm. Of course, the union will challenge it, but at least they showed a spine. I hope I’m right.

  4. It would be good to beat the Union and get rid of K-Rod’s contract. Of course, there’s a chance that the Union might get the Free Agents to boycott the Mets. Either we’ll pay out the nose for these future bums or have to grow our own players.

  5. I saw Thompson outside Yankee Stadium when he was a with the Red Sox in April 1960. I was with my grandfather, Max, who was a die hard Giants fan.

    I’ll never forget how happy my grandfather was to say hello to Bobby. That’s what “the shot” meant to a Giants fan.

  6. In today’s era, this probably never would have happened..Thomson would have been intentionally walked to load the bases since there were men on 2nd + 3rd..nevertheless. RIP Bobby..

  7. kranepool says:

    Michael unless you were a Giants fan of that era or like you had a grandfather and like myslef who had a father who were die hard Giants fans it’s hard to explain how much that home run meant to them.
    When I met Thomson I asked about the aftermath of the home run I wanted to know what the rest of the night was like for him and the Giants. He told me they hung around the locker room and had a couple of beers and then he headed downtown to catch the Staten Island Ferry to go home. That in itself would never happen today.

  8. A very sad day for me. Not only was a I rabid Giants fan (I was even at the time and actually watched the game on my twelve-inch Dumont TV set!), but it inspired me to write my second novel, ONCE UPON A FASTBALL. Anyone who loves baseball would, I think, enjoy this novel, available at Amazon.com. I also have learned to admire Ralph Branca in terms of the way he has handled this gaffe his whole life. The greatest moment in sports history, in by humble opinion. –Bob Mitchell

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