Sorry for the late post but I was conferring with my attorneys, to see is we Mets fans can file a grievance against the MLBPA for filing a grievance against the Mets in the Mets v. K-Rod case.

I did not watch any of the Mets-Astros game last night and I’m glad I didn’t as it seems the play of the field made people wretch.

Rod Barajas will be activated some time today and word is Josh Thole’s spot is safe. So the Mets will go with 3 players out of 25 who play catcher. Then they have a pitcher who may as well sit in the bullpen in a Snuggie with a bowl of pop corn as he never gets to see the light of the pitchers mound. Now you know why the Mets organization is baseball’s equivalent of the person coming out of the bathroom with toilet paper sticking out the back of their pants.

I  have my doubts about people like Tony Dungy, who is one of  these holier

 than thou types, than I do about a guy like Rex Ryan. In fact, I would trust Rex Ryan more than I would Dungy. 

Matthew Cerrone thinks Bobby Parnell should be the Mets closer now and next year in the event that Francisco Rodriguez is gone from the team. Hard to argue that point in fact I’ve been saying for awhile the most overrated position in sports is the closer, with the exception of Mariano Rivera.

If you haven’t heard my THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN show with Howard Megdal, it’s well worth your while, also don’t forget to vote of Howard for Mets GM right here.

Alex Belth has touched on a great subject at his Bronx Banter site, film crews in NYC. Where my office is located downtown we have crews for the now off the air Ugly Betty, Law and Order, and Rescue Me. There is nothing funnier than a crew trying to shoot a scene and telling pedestrians to please wait before crossing a street and having New Yorkers telling to go fuck themselves and keep walking.    

Now that the Mets are done for the year, are you following any other team that’s on the march to the post season? I always have a soft spot for the Giants so I like to watch their run (even though they’ve dropped 4 of 5 to the Padres and Phillies, two teams that if they needed to beat) for the NL West or Wild Card and the watching the White Sox-Twins series has been a thrill. So tell me is their a team your following or are you just waiting for football season?

Don’t forget to check out my NO PSL REQUIRED Fantasy Football League as there are some spots remaining.

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  1. Bingo on Parnell[how the hell did he throw 101 consistently last night] Dingy belongs to the group of Xtians who believe that you must follow the Bible literally,except when it talks about money,love ,forgiveness and mercy.I loathe these bullshit artists.Give me Rexie anyday…I like the Sawx and the Chisox and the Giants[and any team not the Yengeez or the Braves}though I reckon all tree of those teams will be joining the Mutts for post season couch duty..Now I love Keith but who gives a damn if he’s going to have a tough time finding a cab after the game. Listening to announcers complain about the length of an extra inning game is absurd[and somewhere,Red barber is spinning listening to announcers complain was his voboten number 1.Also Red, and Ernie Harwell would never ever condemn anyone for their language or such trite . Both of them were devout, didnt swear, and were the real deal.} College football beckons …

  2. Has F-Mart turned into the Dollar Store?

  3. I can’t root for SF. The thought of Doofus Mad Dog happy makes me as nauseous as DW was last night. That guy rejoices in Met misery, so fuck him and his team.

    I’m 100% behind the Red Sox and the Famous Rays!!

  4. I guess time heals all wounds, but I sort want to see Cincy win the NL Central and the pennant.

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