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Buy viagra online The problem with my Babe Ruth season being over is I now have to do all the things I need to do around the house that I put off during the baseball season. Buy viagra online I’ll be very honest here, buy viagra online I hate doing any kind of home repair or building stuff because I really suck at it.

Buy viagra online When my brothers and sister were growing up my dad was a part time Super in the building we lived in and he was very good at plumbing, buy viagra online doing electrical work, buy viagra online painting and any general repairs that were needed. Buy viagra online Even when I was growing up he still did a lot of that stuff around our apartment building shelves or plastering walls and ceilings and any time I would ask him if he needed help he’d always say “Nah, buy viagra online go ahead and play outside” So I did and I became very proficient in playing outside.

Buy viagra online Unfortuanltely with our season over, buy viagra online “I can’t go play outside” plus I’m not 12 years old either (well not age wise but in my head I am) and with a list of things to do I figured I’d take a break from the keyboard but listening to Jerry Mauel has taken m away from some important bath tub grouting.

Buy viagra online Yesterday before the Mets-Pirates game, buy viagra online Manuel stated the he did not believe Jason Bay would return to the lineup this season. Buy viagra online Now Bay has said during his convalescence that his goal was to return before the season was over. Buy viagra online So where did Manuel get this info and was he basing it on medical reports or talking to Bay or did Omar Minaya him fill in? Com’on Jerry, buy viagra online inquiring minds want to know.  Well, buy viagra online it seems Manuel was talking out of turn, buy viagra online he really had no information and as I said on Twitter, buy viagra online he pulled this out of his ass, buy viagra online just like his lineups. Buy viagra online Then I got to thinking, buy viagra online what word sums up Jerry Manuel Mets Managerial run? The word that popped into my head was “Sloppy”

Buy viagra online Back in spring training Manuel told the press that he was looking to use Jose Reyes in the 3 spot of the lineup. Buy viagra online Not only did he not confer with the player, buy viagra online he also didn’t think about the impact it would have on Reyes moving from his more comfortable lead off spot and the avalanche of questions Reyes would be saddled with. Buy viagra online Even after Reyes came back from illness and missing valuable time, buy viagra online Manuel stayed with his plan and of course it was a disaster.

Buy viagra online Manuel then fought to have the prized farm hand Jenry Mejia make the 25 man roster out of spring and anointed him the Bridgeman to K-Rod. Buy viagra online I guess the front office acquiesced   to the mangers demands figuring he wanted young Mejia this badly we may as well let him have him, buy viagra online even if it meant retarding his long term development as a pitcher. Buy viagra online So Manuel got his wish and proceeded to under utilize Mejia and in turn made a bad situation worse.

Buy viagra online The manager also had a tough time communicating with John Maine and then blamed Maine for hiding injury. Buy viagra online His bullpen management is as difficult to understand as plans for a bookcase from Ikea. Buy viagra online His in game strategy is from the Wheel of Fortune School of Baseball. Buy viagra online His inability to play guys like Chris Carter (you think Carter gets to play again today? Don’t bet on it) while a Jeff Francoeur gets to swing at every pitch like he’s he loading a bunch of quarters at the local batting cage.

Buy viagra online There is a segment of Mets fan who feel this team is so offensively challenged that Earl Weaver or John McGraw couldn’t get this team to hit. Buy viagra online Well we’ll never know that because Manuel has never been challenged by management. Buy viagra online  Oh sure big bad Jeffey Skill Sets went to Atlanta to give Manuel a stern lecture and what did the manager do? He came out of his office and looked at the press, buy viagra online all assembled to see if he was still Mets manager and when he was asked if was still the field general of the Mets, buy viagra online his reply was “I’m still wearing my uniform ain’t I” and with that he let out his signature Jerry Manuel Laugh.

Buy viagra online Yep, buy viagra online he was right it was a joke. Buy viagra online A joke on us Mets fans and the organization but Manuel can laugh all he wants he will still be slob of a manger to me.

Buy viagra online Got to go I have a wood floor that needs sanding

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