Have you noticed that the Mets telecast on SNY has turned more into a sports/general interest talk show than focusing on the action on the field? Not that I have a problem with that, not at all, in fact if it weren’t for Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez, Ron Darling and Kevin Burkhardt along with Bobby Ojeda in the studio, I don’t think I’d be watching many more Mets games. As much as I love our announcing crew though, it’s a sad state of affairs when they are the main draw to watching Mets baseball.

During the game yesterday, Gary posed the question to Hernandez about dangling the names Jose Reyes and David Wright out there as pieces in trade talk. Hernandez said (paraphrasing here) “of course you would; you’d have to as a GM just to see who is interested and what kind of package you’d get in return.” Now Hernandez DID NOT say Yes dump them, get rid of them, off with them. He just said what any smart thinking Mets fan would say, you have to at least see what you can get for either or both.

I am in no way advocating the trading of Wright or Reyes, in a perfect world both players would continue their careers as Mets and retire as Mets, I would be very happy if the end of their Mets careers finished with “…and they lived happily ever after…” but as we know too well we Mets fans live in a imperfect world.

When I Tweeted that I agreed with Hernandez on this issue you would have thought I opened up a Mosques R Us on Cortlandt St. The question I posed is this, Say the Skill Sets hire a new GM like Kevin Towers, or Mark Shapiro or even promote John Ricco and they get a call from an team with a deep farm and young players who are on the Major League team already. For either player I want a at least a starting pitcher, a second baseman, an outfielder and prospects (of course the Mets will throw in a few other players as well) as you see it would take a blockbuster to have me trade Wright and or Reyes but as a GM you have to see if that blockbuster is out there.

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  1. Jose Reyes should absolutely be traded. He gets 11 Mil next year and after that is a FA. He will want 7 years 15 Mil a year. One place our organization has strength is at SS. It makes the most sense. JR breaks down way too much and will never really fit into what a leadoff hitter is supposed to be. A guy who gets to 1b often with an OBP of 380 or higher.

  2. If the Mets want to go outside the Organization for a Manager, Dave Martinez Bench Coach of the Rays might be interesting. He comes cheap and has the Maddon touch. And has done more with less seeing how the Rays can’t spend much. Oh, and he’s from B’klyn.

  3. Of course the Mets need to make a blockbuster deal. Anytime a team is sold, let alone a NY team, it is a blockbuster deal. Short of this, no blockbuster deal will solve the Mets’ problems. Of course, with the luck that Mets’ fans have, the Skill Sets Family (Wilpons), would sell our favorite baseball team & SNY (for a double whammy) to the only folks that could run the team worse than they do. The Dolans. Give Ishiah Thomas a chance to ruin another franchise…(as an Isles’ fan, I am still trying to figure out how Glenn “if I had the Rangers’ resources, I’d win every year” Sather keeps his job)

  4. How about selling the team to Mark Cuban (who I detest but he’ll put Millions into the team)?

  5. Hard to come up with anyone that coulkd be worse than Wilpons or Dolans.

  6. Yes you have to explore the market value of both Reyes and Wright. After all, neither has come up big when it mattered. And neither will get any better than they are now.

  7. kranepool says:

    Mets fans are now Tampa Bay Rays fans

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